Best Agricultural
Filter Screen Supplier in UAE

YKM is one of the Best Agricultural Filter Screen Supplier in UAE supply's filter screens that are extremely popular for all types of agricultural uses and can often be found on farms and in gardens. Both large farmers and do-it-yourself gardeners gravitate towards woven and plain wire mesh due to its growing benefits, notably its adaptability, available options, and relatively low cost.

What are the Applications of Wire Mesh in Agriculture?

·       Crop Protection Wire Mesh Barriers

·       Agricultural Compost Bins Wire Mesh

·       Crop protection Wire Mesh Barriers

·       Trellises or Vertical Gardens Decoration Wire Mesh

·       Planters

·       Greenhouse Application

·       Sifting Soil Wire Mesh

·       Tree and Plant Woven Wire Mesh Guards

·       Pest Control Wire Mesh

·       Livestock Barrier Mesh

·       Property line demarcation

·       Equipment repair

Best Agricultural Filter Screen Supplier in UAE

What are the Wire Mesh Screen Filter Application in Agriculture?

  • Sand Filters
  • Media Filters
  • Gravel Filters
  • Screen Wire Filters
  • Snail Control Copper Wire Mesh Screen

What is the Application of Sand Filter Wire Screen in Agriculture?

YKM Group, Best Agricultural Filter Screen Supplier in UAE is capable of manufacturing Sand Media Filter Screen that is commonly utilized in agricultural micro irrigation systems. These woven wire cloth mesh screens have the durability to handle large capacities and are preferred by many farmers and designers over other filtration media when there is a lot of organic matter in the water. YKM, Best Agricultural Filter Screen Supplier in UAE is enabled with advanced wire screen filter can lower backflush pressure and hence reduce the overall cost.

What is the Application of Media Filter Screen in Agriculture?

YKM International LLC., Top and Best Agricultural Filter Screen Supplier in UAE manufacture Media filter Woven Wire Cloth Mesh Screen which are used mainly for treating water and to remove the suspended solids from water. These Filter Screen from YKM Group is pre-treated with water to remove all the un-dissolved impurities with the help of Ion Exchange or by using reverse osmosis.


What is the application OF Drip Irrigation Wire Filter Screen / Screen Filters in Agriculture?

Drip Irrigation Wire Filter Screen from YKM Group is used to filter the unfiltered water by passing through a bed of aggregate which captures unwanted particles suspended in water inside a pressurised tank. The Unwanted solid particles are filter using a woven screen and are captured in the aggregate while allowing the filtered water to progress though irrigation system.

What is the Application of Disc Filter Screen in Agriculture?

YKM Group, Best Agricultural Filter Screen Supplier in UAE, manufacture Disc Filter Screen which is capable of in depth filtration, making it the most effective filtration option for surface water. YKM, over the years of expertise is capable of manufacturing the best woven screen filter for disc filters which is most commonly used in Disc Filter Screen for Drip Irrigation in Agriculture.

Snail Control Copper Mesh Screen in Agriculture

Copper Mesh Snail Control Screen from YKM can be an exceptionally practical solution for snail-proofing gardens and crops when compared to toxic pesticides utilisation. Snails are the biggest enemy in the agriculture sector. They feed on both living and decaying plants, leaves, including vegetation in gardens and yards.

Copper Wire Mesh Suppliers in Bahrain
Copper Snail Control Wire Mesh Fence from YKM

Why is Copper Mesh used as a Snail Control Screen in Agriculture?

When copper comes into contact with the slime of slippery mollusk of a snail, results in an electro-neural signal. This voltage creates an unpleasant atmosphere to a snail, keeping it of the bay.

To keep snails of from your garden, you can install a small copper mesh fence around the perimeter.

Why YKM Group is considered as the Best Agriculture Filter Screen Manufacturer?

Built to last. Anti-corrosive and UV resistance, provides long-term rust protection even perform with ease at harsh weather conditions

For uniform irrigation: Our Woven Wire Mesh Filter Screen provides super-efficient back-flush cleaning cycles that ensures irrigation uniformity, season after season.

Low Maintenance: Durable Filter Screens which last longer and make maintenance Easy and hassle-free.