Best Ceramic Vibrating Screen
Supplier in UAE

Like all other Industry YKM, Best Ceramic Vibrating Screen Supplier in UAE continues to rule the woven wire mesh requirement in Ceramic and Porcelain Industry.


  • Wire Mesh in Ceramic Vibrating Screen
  • Wire Mesh in Ceramic Fiber Rope
  • Wire Mesh in Flooring
Best Ceramic Vibrating Screen Supplier in UAE
Best Ceramic Vibrating Screen Manufacturer

How is Steel Wire Screen used in Ceramic Filter Vibrating Screen?

Ceramic Screening machines use Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh as vibratory screens for multiple purposes.  YKM International, is one of the top Ceramic Vibrating Screen Manufacturer which is the basic requirement for all the filtration in Ceramic and Porcelain Industry.

There are lot of instances that require the separation of courser particle from the lighter ones in Ceramic Industry. Screening Machines with a vibratory motion helps separate the coarser particle from the lighter particle. The smaller materials are referred to as fines, are passed through the surface of Vibrating Wire Mesh Screen. Aside from ceramic industries, YKM being the Best Ceramic Vibrating Screen Supplier in UAE supply these components to industries like, Oil and Gas Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Petrochemical Industry and many more.

YKM’s Ceramic Vibratory Screen mesh has always proven to improve the efficiency of the product obtained.


What is the Application of Woven Wire Mesh in Ceramic Fiber Rope

 YKM Group, Best Ceramic Vibrating Screen Supplier in UAE supplies Stainless steel woven wire mesh rope which is excellent for tying and securing metal jacketing in mechanical piping applications. These Ceramic Fiber Rope can also be used for gasketing, sealing, expansion and contraction applications. Knitted Woven Wire Mesh from YKM Group is formed into continuous cord through crimping and rolling using stainless steel wire mesh to form a strong, durable and long-lasting rope.

The stainless-steel wire mesh rope covering will drastically improves the durability, reliability, tensile strength and improve the overall resistance to mechanical tension.


Application of Wire Mesh in Flooring

In the modern era, Use of Wire mesh has helped the porcelain industry in so many ways.  Wire mesh became an important component used by professional engineers to avoid cracking and settling of flooring.

Wire Mesh, when installed provide long life to the floor while providing a sparkling/lustrous appearance to the marbles or tiles used.

Proper installation that provides maximum strength requires the wire mesh to be raised off the ground so that when the concrete sets, it’s in the lower third of the slab depth.

Why Wire Mesh from YKM is Preferred in Ceramic and Porcelain Industry?

Over the years of wire mesh manufacturing experience YKM International LLC., Best Ceramic Vibrating Screen Supplier in UAE is capable of manufacturing the best, customizable wire mesh for these Industries. YKM Group provides the best quality, Durable long lasting wire mesh at factory pricing.