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As early as 1984, YKM International LLC, Best Construction Industry Sieve Screen Supplier in UAE & Leading construction industry sieve screen manufacturer is responsible for supplying various Wire Mesh required in Construction Industry.

Today, YKM's Wire Mesh has become a staple requirement in building and construction industries. YKM International, Best Construction Industry Sieve Screen Supplier in UAE & Leading construction industry sieve screen manufacturer continues to cement its reputation as a preferred supplier and manufacturer of many different types of stainless-steel mesh, copper coated mesh, nickel mesh, low carbon mesh that this industry commonly requests. YKM's Wire Mesh in Construction Industry has always been the best to all building contractors

What are the Applications Of Wire Mesh in Construction Industry?

    • Wire Mesh in Sizing & Separation (Screening & Filtering)
    • Wire Mesh for Window Screen/Fly Screen Guard
    • Wire Mesh for Insulation and Refractory Material
    • Wire Mesh for Decoration Purpose
    • Wire mesh in Foundation Vents
    • Wire mesh in Chimney Caps
    • Wire mesh in Infill Panels
    • Wire mesh in Cabinets
    • Wire mesh in Gutters
    • Wire mesh in Vents
YKM Group is the Best Construction Industry Sieve Screen Supplier in UAE

Application of Wire Mesh in Sizing & Separation

Application of Wire Mesh in Sizing & Separation

A Sand Sieve Wire Mesh Screen is a tool utilized for sifting sand or other particles in order to sort the particles according to the variable size and YKM, Being the Best Construction Industry Sieve Screen Supplier in UAE & Leading construction industry sieve screen manufacturer is capable of manufacturing the best wire mesh screen for uniform separation. YKM SS304, 316L stainless steel wire mesh screen are the most popular grades for Sand Sieves.

These Screens have uniform openings, designed to allow particles of a certain size or smaller to pass through, while catching any larger particles and in turn providing space for proper separation.

Wire Mesh for Sieve Analysis

A stainless-steel wire mesh is used in this analytical technique called sand sieve analysis is often used to determine the relative composition of sand or composite sediment according to particle size. Sand sieves mesh screen of gradually decreasing size from top to bottom are arranged in a column, sometimes held by a frame or other apparatus.

The sediment sample is weighed and poured into the top sieve, and this sieve is shaken to separate from courser particles. As the sediment passes by the sieves, they are each shaken for the same amount of time. The individual sizes of sediment particles are then weighed, and separated based on the size of the sediments.

Sieve Analysis Wire Mesh Manufacturer for Construction Industry
Sieve Wire Mesh Manufacturer in Saudi

YKM being the Best Construction Industry Sieve Screen Supplier in UAE & Leading construction industry sieve screen manufacturer is capable of manufacturing Wire Mesh Sand Sieves which often used for producing sand of a particular uniformity of particle size for spaces like children's play areas, pool filterssandblasting applications, concrete, and mortar mixes. YKM International LLC, Best Construction Industry Mesh Manufacturer with over 30-year experience in wire mesh manufacturing have the capability of producing durable wire mesh for industrial sand sieves that are capable of handling many tons of sand per day and are often fed by conveyor belts.

Why is Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh utilized as Fly Screen Guard?

Epoxy coated window screen mesh from YKM International is a square-hole wire mesh coated with epoxy in black or other colours. This is woven type wire mesh made of galvanized wire, then treated with black epoxy coating layer. Aluminium and Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh are most commonly used as insect or window screening mesh for buildings. These Meshes are widely used in coastal region because of its anti-corrosion, Rust Proof Feature.

Epoxy Coated Wire Screen Mesh & Aluminium Wire Mesh to repel Mosquito

Why is Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh used in Coastal Region?

The epoxy coated layer of these woven wire meshes makes it tough, anti-corrosion, easy cleaning. It is mostly used for windows or door screens in buildings, hotels to keep insects of the area. YKM's 18mmx14mm Mesh Epoxy Screen are one of the popular choice.

Wire mesh in Foundation Vents

YKM International LLC. being the Best Construction Industry Sieve Screen Supplier in UAE & Leading construction industry sieve screen manufacturer is capable of manufacturing woven wire mesh foundation vent covers which promote airflow into your basement, crawl space, attic, and create a strong and protective barrier to the outdoors. With Woven Wire Mesh from YKM, you’ll be able to safely eliminate moisture at ease from these spaces, control climate inside your house, exclude rodents, bats, birds, and other critters, and prevent fires. According to U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), fire prevention guidelines, the  residential vents are necessary for removing excess moisture, which can lower the temperature of your foundation, roof, or soffit, making the space less vulnerable to fires.

Commonly Used Mesh :

Wire Mesh for Foundation Vent in Construction Industry

Importance of Quality Mesh for Chimney Cap

Safety is one of the essential component when it comes to fireplaces, that’s why YKM’s Wire Mesh is here for. Heavy Duty, Durable wire mesh should always be used in Chimney caps to withstand the temperature changes and for maximum safety in workplace.

Woven Wire Mesh Chimney Cap can protect the chimney on windy weather, were there is a chance of leaves, sticks, and other small debris can be blown into your chimney, which can cause clogging and blocking the passage. A good quality stainless steel wire mesh chimney cap will allow you to keep debris out of your smokestack providing maximum safety to the user.

As an advantage, Galvanized Stainless Steel Wire Meshes helps contain sparks and as a result, you can prevent fires in your home, yard, and the surrounding areas. YKM International’s Woven Mesh chimney caps are capable of repellinga rain, which can damage ceiling and walls when it flows down your chimney.

Commonly Used Mesh :

Wire mesh in Infill panels

For railings and infill panel applications Electro Galvanised Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh is an extremely popular choice. Hot Dipped Stainless Steel Wire mesh infill panels serve as a protective barrier in high traffic areas, like zoos, jogging paths, stadiums, recreational parks, college institutions, amusement parks, restaurants, and even utilized in residential patios and decks when framed & installed properly. Wire mesh from YKM International is always chosen by Engineers and designers because it offers an excellent combination of visibility and safety to clients.

Selecting the appropriate stainless-steel wire mesh material is critical as the utilization differs for different customers & wire mesh should be chosen considering the external factors. Stainless steel wire mesh in hot dipped and electrogalvanized coating is very popular .Other metals like copper and its alloys, are sometimes utilized to create an upscale look, particularly in high-end restaurants or residences.


Plain Weave Metal Mesh
YKM Wire mesh in Cabinets

How Wire mesh is used in Cabinets?

Wire Mesh has become a staple decorative requirement nowadays in designing cabinets in modern days. Wire Meshes are now being used as Decorative metal mesh to customize kitchen cabinetry, baking racks, cupboards, bar cabinets, sideboards, buffets, hutches, and media consoles and many more. YKM's Stainless Steel & Copper Wire Meshes are more popular

Wire mesh in Gutters

The purpose of gutter mesh is to keep leaves, pests and debris out of your gutters. In turn, this can significantly improve your home’s ability to withstand several not-so-simple threats.

Gutter Mesh for Gutter
Construction Industry Mesh Manufacturer

How is Wire Mesh utilized in Vents?

YKM International wire mesh is also used for air filtration applications in vent. YKM’S Wire meshes last longer and is the one and only best mesh netting solution in cooling generators and other ventilation systems against contamination and pests. Specially in times of high pollen count or strong insect populations, Ykm’s Wire mesh has proven to filter out even the minute of minute debris without entering the system. YKM’s Wire meshes are easy to install and can be replaced at ease. All our wire meshes are high quality and durable.