Best Waste Water Filtration
Mesh Supplier in UAE

YKM is one of the Best Waste Water Filtration Mesh Supplier in UAE and Top Desalination Filter Screen Manufacturer has more than 30 years expertise in manufacturing water filter cloth for water purification that improves water quality so that it can be used without contamination worries. The process is generally carried out at a water treatment facility. Wastewater treatment, and the need for high-quality water in manufacturing, is creating demand for filtration products and wire cloth.

What is the Application of Wire Cloth Mesh in Water Treatment?

Wire Cloth Mesh for Water Treatment from YKM International LLC, the Best Waste Water Filtration Mesh Supplier in UAE & Top Desalination Filter Screen Manufacturer is an integral part for water treatment systems and the water treatment process, because it allows for particle testing and a range of filtration procedures.

YKM Group being the Best Waste Water Filtration Mesh Supplier in UAE and Leading Desalination Filter Screen Manufacturer is capable of manufacturing and supplying Wire Mesh Screens and filter mesh for Clarifiers, Separation Equipment, Settling Tanks and many more. The functionality of water treatment equipment is enhanced when woven wire mesh screens and mesh screen filters reliably separate water from debris, contaminants, and other unwanted materials. The quality of the wire cloth directly impacts the efficiency of the water treatment process and that’s where YKM International Wire Mesh Filter Cloth rules the Wire Mesh Industry for more than 30 years.

Best Waste Water Filtration Mesh Supplier in UAE
Woven Wire Mesh for Desalination Treatment Plant

What Is Desalination Treatment?

Desalination is an artificial process by which saline water is filtered and converted to fresh water. The most common desalination processes are

  • Reverse Osmosis Desalination Process
  • Electrodialysis Desalination Filtration
  • Forward Osmosis Desalination Separation
  • Membrane Distillation


What is the Role of Wire Mesh in Reverse Osmosis Desalination Process?

Reverse Osmosis Desalination is a Water Treatment method in which water is taken from the sea and fed to a first wire filtration mesh treatment to eliminate impurities, oil, seaweed, rubbish, and so on. YKM, R&D Team with enormous experience in manufacture of Reverse Osmosis Desalination Mesh, has brought up a wire mesh of top-notch quality for the Reverse Osmosis Desalination Process. Once free of organic substances, the saltwater is subjected to Reverse Osmosis Wire Mesh Filtration Process. After the Wire Mesh Filtering, we have two streams: one brine and the other freshwater. The brine solution (a highly concentrated solution of common salt or sodium chloride) is diluted before being returned to the sea, avoiding high concentrations of salt which could harm the ecosystem. The freshwater passes through a remineralization and to chlorination process, after which it is stored in tanks and then sent to the distribution network for consumption.



Wire Mesh for Reverse Osmosis in Desalination Plant
Wire Mesh for Forward Osmosis in Desalination Plant

What is the Role of Wire Mesh in Forward Osmosis Desalination Separation?

Forward osmosis (FO) is a relatively new commercial desalting process in which a salt concentration gradient (osmotic pressure) is the driving passed through a Semi-Permeable Wire Mesh Membrane. The feed i.e., the salt water on one side of the semi permeable desalination mesh membrane and a higher osmotic pressure solution is on the other side. Without applying external pressure, the salt water from the feed solution will naturally migrate through the wire mesh membrane to the draw solution. The diluted solution is then processed to separate the product from the reusable draw liquid solution.

What is the Role of Woven Wire Mesh in Membrane Distillation?

Membrane Distillation (MD) is a water distillation process currently emerging technique for water desalination. Membrane Distillation is a hybrid process of Reverse Osmosis and Distillation Filtration in which a hydrophobic (water resistant) wire mesh membrane is used to permit the flow of water vapor through the wire cloth pores, but not the solution itself. The driving force for Membrane Distillation is the difference in vapor pressure of the liquid across the wire mesh membrane.

Woven Wire Mesh For Membrane Distillation from YKM