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15 Sep Shale Shaker Screens in Oil & Gas Industry
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YKM Group., Ltd. was established in 1984 with the aim of being one of the leading wire mesh suppliers and manufacturers in the UAE. YKM Metal Net is a leading wire mesh manufacturer, specializing in h..
23 Sep Woven and Welded Wire Mesh Supplier in UAE / Oman / Kuwait / Djibouti
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Established in 1984, YKM Group has grown to be one of the largest woven and welded wire mesh suppliers in the United Arab Emirates, After nearly 35 years of development.We manufacture all kinds of wir..
14 Jul What are a unit WEAVING PATTERNS for stainless-steel WIRE MESH?
Kalyan 1 461
WEAVING PATTERNS for stainless steel WIRE MESH? The weaving pattern is that the procedure or style to producing of metal wire mesh. With the assistance of contemporary technology and automatic machine..
14 Jul What is the scope and applications of stainless steel wire mesh in Oman Industries?
Kalyan 1 612
Steel wire mesh is used for what purposes in Oman?As the times have advanced, many of China's products are now used abroad. The stainless steel wire mesh industry in China has reached international st..
15 Jul Wire Mesh Manufacturing Process - How Wire Mesh Is Made?
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How is Wire Mesh Made?Wire Mesh Making Process / Wire Mesh Manufacturing ProcessThe intersecting wires are typically joined together by welding or weaving – two of the more common kinds of wire. The..
05 Aug What are the Main Uses of SS Wire Mesh & Stainless Steel Welded Mesh?
Vinod Kumar 1 1884
Stainless-steel Wire Mesh & Stainless-steel welded meshYKM is the largest manufacturer and supplier for Stainless steel woven wire mesh and wire cloth, also supplying stainless steel welded wire me..
24 Aug What is the scope and applications of Galvanised Steel Welded Wire Mesh in UAE?
Vinod Kumar 0 1407
The scope and applications of Galvanised steel welded wire mesh in Dubai - UAE Industries What is the USE of iron weld wire mesh in UAE?Or where We are using wire mesh?Metal mesh plays a vital role in..
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Selection for shale shaker screen:There are lots of Equipment and Machinery used for at drilling rig site. Shale Shaker screen are one of the most important equipment for there. The Shale Shakers are ..
19 Sep What is Extrusion? and why do we need an extruder screen?
Kalyan 0 391
Importance of extruder screen: Extrusion is a process in which melted material like polymer, plastic, rubber etc.  is forcefully pass through a die with the help of screw. In 90% extrusion techniques ..
29 Sep What is concertina wire or razor wire?
Kalyan 0 242
Concertina wire or Razor wire or or Dannet Wire is kind of barbed tape wire. This is manufactured in form of circular form which is shrink form during production. It has large expansion at the time of..
11 Oct How do I choose a chain link fence?
Kalyan 0 86
When you are selecting chain link fence for your project, there are several factors which needs to consider. The main criteria to select your chain link fence are :  wire gauge or wire thickness, type..
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