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All you Need to know about Woven Wire Mesh

All you Need to know about Woven Wire Mesh

The Topic cover on All you need to know about Woven Wire Mesh. YKM International LLC. is your quality driven manufacturing partner for industrial Filter Mesh Supplier and Manufacturer. With the largest manufacturing capability in wire mesh industry, YKM Group provides unmatched quality mesh at an unbeatable value.

The Topic discuss on:

  • What is Woven Wire Mesh?
  • What are the Applications of Woven Wire Mesh?
  • What all are the material used to manufacture Woven Wire Mesh?
  • What is the Application of Woven Wire Mesh across Industries?
  • What are the Key Industrial Filtration Woven Mesh Equipments?
  • How to Choose the Best Woven Wire Mesh?
  • YKM Woven Wire Mesh Manufacturing Capabilities.

What Is Woven Wire Mesh?

YKM Woven wire mesh cloth is an extremely versatile, durable material suitable for many sieving, straining, and filtering applications in various Industries like Food & Beverage, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Aerospace and many more. Woven Wire Mesh has become a vital part of everyone’s day to day life, they can be seen in Shower, Electronics, Stands, Window Screen, and many more.

When talking about Woven Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Mesh is the most popular woven wire mesh where strength and durability are at its best. Woven Wire Mesh can be categorized based on the woven weave pattern and mesh count. The minimum particle size of wire which can be used depends on the alloy, strength, temperature, and corrosion.

What all are the Different Woven Wire Mesh Weave Pattern?

  1. Plain Weave Pattern
  2. Twill Weave Pattern
  3. Plain Dutch Weave Pattern
  4. Reverse Dutch weave pattern
  5. Reverse Twill Dutch Weave Pattern

Manufacturing Capacity

Woven wire mesh is manufactured with wire threads woven at right angles. YKM Group is capable of manufacturing mesh at different specification.

Specifications are based on:

    1. Opening Size
    2. Steel Metal Material Used
    3. Mesh Count and more
    4. Wire Diameter

What material is used to Manufacture Woven Wire Mesh?

YKM Group choose the best metal mesh material based on stability, ability, requirements, durability, malleability, versatility, safety, and economic efficiency while giving importance to quality.

YKM Group manufacture Woven wire mesh with Stainless Steel, Iron, Bronze, Brass, Low Carbon, Copper etc.

What are the Applications of Woven Wire Mesh across Industries?

Woven wire mesh cloth is used widely in almost all industries from Water Treatment, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical and many more. YKM Wire Cloth is mostly applied for wire cloth screens and wire cloth filter products are used in industrial and manufacturing work, particularly filtration and separation. YKM’s High Efficiency Woven Wire cloth is used in wastewater treatment plants, petrochemical facilities, and juice manufacturing to reach the desired pulp level.

With a wide range of types of wire mesh requirement for thousands of unique applications. YKM manufacture customised Wire mesh in multiple specifications.

What are the Key Industrial Woven Filtration Equipments?

  1. Sand Control Screen
  2. Catalytic Converters
  3. Extruder Screen Melt Filter Pack
  4. Palm Kernel Oil Leaf Filter
  5. Desalination Filter
  6. Noise Absorption and Many more…

How to Choose Woven Mesh?

Woven wire mesh is a malleable, durable and extremely flexible material. An enormous range of specifications can be achieved by varying the mesh count, wire diameter, metal grade and aperture. At YKM Group, we offer a variety of woven wire mesh designed to cater to conventional industrial processes with minimum to no maintenance quality grade. We regularly work with customers to develop custom solutions to meet their unique requirements. Metal Mesh specifications range from the most delicate sheer gauze fabric to heavy-duty rigid screens and this versatility make it usable for a vast range of applications.