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What is the Difference Between Woven Wire Mesh & Welded Wire Mesh?

The scope and applications of Galvanised steel welded wire mesh in Dubai - UAE Industries

What is the USE of iron weld wire mesh in UAE?

Or where We are using wire mesh?

Metal mesh plays a vital role in UAE market. As Dubai and Abu Dhabi are famous for the structural building and construction industry, wire mesh is contributing a big role
to the success & quality of the project.

Wire mesh for Construction Industry

Welded wire mesh of reinforcement wire mesh is the basic requirement for any construction project.
There are several sizes & wire thicknesses available as per the requirement of the project. The most running item wire thickness is 6mm wire dia, 8mm &
10mm. the panel sizes are 2.4*4.8 mtr, 1.22*2.44 mtr and 1.22mtr*3mtr. The product name A142, A193, A252, B503, B385, B283, C785, C636,C503, D98 & D49
etc. All these kinds of mesh are reinforced concrete mesh.

Reinforcement welded wire mesh in UAE

Figure: Reinforcement wire mesh

There are other plain welded mesh that is using as a grid
mesh for a base in marble installation, security fence at construction building, fence around the project, cable tray wire mesh, and interior or exterior mesh.
The most popular mesh for marble grids is 50*50mm x 2.5mm galvanized welded wire mesh.

YKM is the main resource for galvanized welded wire mesh in Dubai, UAE. You will get maximum numbers of verity of welded mesh at YKM only.
Some most popular welded mesh are :

  • Galvanized welded mesh 1*1inch x 3mm
  • Galvanized welded mesh 1*1inch x 3.5mm
  • Galvanized welded mesh 1*1inch x 2.5mm
  • Galvanized welded mesh 1*1inch x 4mm
  • Galvanized welded mesh 2”x2” inch x 3mm
  • Galvanized welded mesh 2”x2” inch x 2.5mm
  • Galvanized welded mesh 2”x2” inch x 4mm
  • GI welded mesh 50*50mm x 5mm
  • Galvanized welded wire mesh 50*50mm x 8mm
  • Galvanized welded mesh 100*100mm x 4mm
  • And more

YKM GI wire mesh is very popular for metal fabrication,
chicken mesh, animal cages, animal fence, pet fence & house, security
fence, Tiger cage, camel cages, horse fence, garden fence, roof interior, cable
tray, selves mesh, Scaff folding mesh etc..

quality welded mesh available with best price. This product is available in
different materials.

steel welded mesh:

The stainless steel welded wire mesh mostly using for exterior,
HVAC mesh, ventilation mesh, bird mesh, kitchen equipment mesh, partition mesh,
glass mesh, DIY mesh, snake mesh, rabbit mesh, and many more applications.

many type of welded mesh is available?

There are several type of metal weld mesh are
available. But most running items are

  1. Galvanized (GI) welded wire mesh
  2. Stainless steel 304 & 316
    welded mesh
  3. PVC coated welded mesh

PVC Coated Welded Wire Mesh

 It is a high quality
welded wire mesh product widely used for fencing purpose.

PVC Welded Wire Mesh Supplier in UAE


PVC Weld Mesh is available in:

1/4x1/4 inch, 1/2x1/2, 3/4x3/4, 1x1”, 2x2”, 1x2”, 2x4”, etc.

DIA: 16g (1.6mm), 17g (1.4mm), 2.0mm, 3mm, 18g(1.2mm), and 20g(1.0mm)


3’(0.90mtr), 4’ (1.22 M), 5’ (1.5 meter), 6’(1.8mtr)

50’ (15 meter), 100’ (30 meter), 25mtr, 20mtr


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