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Copper Wire Mesh

copper wire mesh

Plain and twill weave square copper wire mesh is used in pharmacy, metal power filtration and separation and other. Red copper, Brass, Phosphor Bronze raw materials are used.

What are the applications or uses of Copper Wire Mesh? What are the benefits of Copper Wire Mesh?

Copper wire mesh is the best RFI shielding choice. Copper has been used for a long time and is not a modern metal discovery. RFI shielding, HVAC, medical processes, and EMF applications are becoming more common due to their versatile, malleable, and high thermal and electrical conductivity properties.

The following are the most popular applications:

  • Storage of energy
  • Shielding from electricity
  • Modular military shelters and tactical military shelters
  • Control automation and robotics
  • Irradiators that emit gamma rays
  • Initiatives in the space programme (NASA)
  • Bookbinding and metalsmithing
  • Filtration and isolation of air and liquids

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