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YKM Group is the Best Copper Wire Mesh Supplier in UAE is capable of manufacturing Copper Mesh also called a shielding net. The chemical component composition of copper wire mesh is 99.8% copper.

 Red copper wire mesh from YKM International is non-magnetic, and this feature makes it unique, and it can be utilized as a shielding net. 

What is Copper Wire Mesh?

Copper mesh is also known as a copper screen or copper wire mesh. The copper hexagonal mesh is a square weave mesh woven at the right angle by copper wires which has great electrical and thermal conductivity.

Copper Wire Mesh in UAE
Copper Wire Mesh Weave

What are the features of Copper Wire Mesh?

Copper Hexagonal Wire mesh from YKM Group is a soft, ductile, malleable material with high thermal and electrical conductivity. 

The properties of a hexagonal copper wire mesh made it popular to be used in Electromagnetic Interference Fields, Shields of Radio Frequency, Faradays Cage, HVAC Filters, and numerous Electrical based industrial applications. 


What are the Subdivisions of Copper Wire Mesh?

    • Brass Wire Mesh


    • Phosphor Copper Wire Mesh


    • Red Copper Wire Mesh


Copper & Brass Wire Mesh Manufacturer in Dubai
Brass Wire Mesh Manufacturers in Bahrain

Brass Wire Mesh

Material No. H60~H90


Property: Ductile, Non-Magnetic, Wear Resistant


Specification: 2mesh to 200mesh, width: 0.762~1.6m


Weaving Patterns: Dutch weave, Twill weave, Plain weave


Industrial Application: Filtration of liquids and gases, powders, porcelain clay, glass, Porcelain Printing

Phosphor Copper Wire Mesh | Tin Bronze Wire Mesh

Material: Phosphor Copper Wire (Tin bronze wire)

Property: Ductile, Wear Resistant, Good Ductility 

Specification: 2mesh~400mesh, Width: 0.762~2m

Weave Patterns: Plain Weave, Twill Weave.

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Red Copper Wire Mesh Manufacturer and Suppliers

Red Copper Wire mesh | Shielding mesh

Materials: Copper wire


Property: Electron Beam Filtration Capacity, Non-Magnetic, Wear Resistant, Sound Insulation


Specification: 2mesh~120mesh. Width: 0.762~2m


Weave Pattern: Plain weave, Twill weave


Application: Particle Filtration, Wall Sound Insulation, Electronic Display

What are the Applications of Copper Wire Mesh?

  • Tactical Military Shelters and Modular Containers
  • Air and Liquid Filtration and Separation
  • Health, Body, and Mind Enrichment
  • Metalsmithing and Bookbinding
  • Space Program Initiatives (NASA)
  • Robotics and Power Automation
  • Gamma Irradiators
  • Cabinet Screens
  • Electric Heaters
  • Energy Storage
  • Insect Screens
  • Paper Making
  • Root Control
  • Sculpture
Copper Wire Mesh from YKM

Why Copper Mesh from YKM Preferred?

YKM International hexagonal Copper Wire Mesh Supplier in UAE supply copper wire mesh screen that are widely used in the industrial filtration, petroleum, Oil and Gas, printing, electronics, electromagnetic, signal shielding, and other fields and YKM Group has more than 25 years’ experience in copper wire mesh production, with systematic and perfect quality control measures, our imported looms and domestic looms can meet the quality requirements of various product standards.


Copper Wire Mesh

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