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Wire Mesh in Djibouti

Wire Mesh in Djibouti

Wire Mesh Supplier & Manufacturer

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of all types of metal wire mesh screens including woven, welded mesh, chain link fences, wires, and shade net with the best quality @ wholesale price in Djibouti city, Ali Sabieh, Yoboki, Airoli, Dikhil, Tadjoura, Arta, Obock, Dorra, Holhol, Goubetto, and other all cities in Djibouti.

Wire Mesh Filter or woven wire mesh screen is used for security purposes, sieving, filtration in industrial, fencing, insect & animal protection in farming, etc. These are the following types

Welded Mesh or Welded wire mesh is Used in fencing panels, animal cages, wire container panels, security panels, concrete reinforcement, wire baskets, and other purposes in agricultural, industrial, transportation, gardening, and food procuring zones.

Chain link fence: chain-link fences are used to securing and enclosing the places like backyards, barns, Gardens, Farm-house, penitentiaries, government facilities, construction sites, and other purposes. YKM produces the best quality chainlink fences and supplies them at factory cost. It has the following categories: 

Shade Nets: China-made and Korea-made- Used to protect from Sun's heat and the ultraviolet radiations & also used to protect Agro products like plants, vegetables, fruits, and flowers from birds, insects, weather, etc. YKM has shade netting in various colors and materials.

Metal Wires - stainless steel, Pvc coated, barbed wire, galvanized (GI) wire, razor wire, etc.

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List of Products :

                                        Galvanised Welded Mesh Panel : 2inch * 3.0mmMesh Panel Detai..
GI Welded Wire Mesh - 4*4inch X 4mm X 120*300cm GI Welded Wire Mesh - 4*4inch X 4mm X 120*300cm
2-3 Days
Galvanized (GI) Welded Mesh 4"x4"x4.0mmx4'x10'100mm Square GI Welded Wire Mesh used for Gabion wall, Animal Cage, Got Fence, horse fence, Camel Fence - 4*4inch X 4mm X 120*300cm..
                                Galvanized welded Mesh Sheet for Cages/fabrication jobSpecificationPanel size: 4ft x 8ft /120cm*240cm/1.22mt..
Green shade net ( J ) 90% - 2mx30m Green shade net for terrace garden, sun protection, vegetables, gardens, balcony & other safety purpose...
GI Hexagonal Mesh (Chicken Mesh) 3/4"x3/4"x5'x30m Galvanised Hex wire netting is also known as chicken mesh or hexagonal wire mesh. Hexagonal gi mesh widely used for fencing, Fabrication, poultry netting, insulation & construction purpose.Best And Quality Product Easy to install ..
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