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Solving Water Filtration Industry Filtration Challenges

On a global scale, the waste water is left untreated adequately or even at all. In this industry, water filtration mesh plays a crucial role in the quality filtration of the feed liquid.

The demand on right quality water filtration mesh used in treatment of effluent are diverse in this industry. Screens that can handle high flow and heavy sediment load without impacting the filter performance is an essential prerequisite for a optimal water filtration mesh screen. With enormous experience in the industry, YKM Group has the capacity to produce optimized wire mesh solutions that cater to the industrial requirement.


We provide Water Filtration Mesh Solution for:

Desalination Tank Screen

Fine Woven Water Filtration Mesh from 10 micron to 100 micron are commonly used to filter fine particles and salt crystals from seawater.

Medium Mesh from 100 to 500 micron is used for pre filtration to remove larger particulate matter before fine filtration stage. A durable & good quality woven wire mesh ensures the protection of pumps and valves from debris and large contaminants.

Coarse Mesh from 500 microns and above are usually employed in the initial intake screens to block large debris, marine life, and seaweed.

Welded Wire Mesh with large openings are used to block large debris and marine organism.

The heat exchanges in cooling systems use YKM’s expanded metal mesh or woven to support heat exchanger elements, preventing clogging.

Waste Water Filtration Mesh Screens

Fine Mesh from 10 to 100 micron is essential for tertiary treatment processes to remove fine suspended solids, bacteria, and protozoa. These water filtration mesh screens improves water clarity and reduces the biological oxygen demand of effluent.

Woven screen from 100 to 500 micron is applied in secondary treatment to remove organic particles and microorganisms, helping the breakdown of organic matter reducing the chemical oxygen demand.

Coarse Mesh from 500 microns and above is used to separate large solids, preventing damage to downstream equipments, enhancing the efficiency of secondary and tertiary treatments.

Ballast Water Filtration Mesh

Fine Woven Wire Mesh from 10 to 100 micron are used to remove small organisms, larvae, and microorganism that can be harmful when discharged in non-native environment.  

Mesh with micron rating from 100 to 500 micron are effective in filtering larger plankton and medium sized marine organisms.

Coarse Mesh above 500 micron are used to exclude or filter large debris and marine life, preventing blockage and damage.

Welded wire mesh is used to provide structural support and first line of defense to exclude large debris and marine organisms from entering the ballast water during intake and discharge. 

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Features of YKM Water Filtration Mesh Screen

Consistent Flow Rate

Optimized to allow a high volume of water to pass through while effectively filtering contaminants.

Temperature Resistance

Capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures without losing effectiveness or degrading.

Suitable for various applications, including those involving hot or cold water.


Designed to minimize clogging and fouling, ensuring continuous operation.

Features such as tapered openings or self-cleaning designs can enhance performance.

Chemical Resistance

Resistant to various chemicals, including acids, alkalis, and solvents, used in water treatment processes.

Prevents degradation and maintains filtration efficiency.

Precise Filtration

Consistent and accurate mesh sizes to ensure the removal of specific contaminants.

Uniform openings that prevent particles larger than the mesh size from passing through.

Robust Meshes

YKM robust meshes ensures long service life even in highly corrosive environments. 

Why are we recommended?

Working with YKM Group, you have a partner providing high quality water filtration mesh meeting all the industrial standards and individual specifications.

Filtering and processing raw water requires an efficient screen ensuring quality output. YKM Group research and development team along with our professional engineers, understands the industrial requirement and provide customized solution as per the demand.