Gabion Wall Supplier in UAE

Experts in Gabion Wall Installation

When it comes to robust and aesthetically pleasing gabion wall solutions in the UAE, YKM International LLC stands out as the premier gabion wall supplier in UAE. Our expertise in supplying and installing high-quality gabion walls ensures that your projects not only meet structural requirements but also enhance the visual appeal of the surroundings.

Whether you’re a homeowner, contractor, or business owner, our team is dedicated to providing high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing Gabion walls tailored to your specific needs.

What we offer

YKM Equipments

Trusted Gabion Wall Mesh Manufacturer since 1984

YKM Middle East is a trusted mesh manufacturer for over 4 decades supply across industries, valuing their interest and requirement. 

Gabion Wall Supplier in UAE

Prominent Gabion wall supplier in UAE

As one of the prominent gabion wall supplier in UAE, YKM make sure to supply  top-of-the-line meshes for gabion that are manufactured and tested under rigorous condition.

Gabion Wall Installation

Expert team for Gabion Wall Installation

Our team of skilled professionals perform thorough soil and site analysis to ensure the stability of the Gabion wall to final construction, we ensure each project is completed efficiently. 

Gabion Wall Maintenance


We offer maintenance services to keep your gabion walls in optimal condition, ensuring their longevity and continued performance. 

Gabion Wall Mesh We Offer

Welded Mesh Gabions

Welded Mesh Gabions

YKM's Welded Mesh Gabions are available as Galvanized, PVC Coated and Stainless Steel. 

Woven Mesh Gabions

Woven Mesh Gabions

YKM's Woven Mesh Gabions are available as Galvanized, PVC Coated and Stainless Steel. 

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Gabion Wall

Features of YKM Gabion Wall


Constructed from high-quality materials, our gabion walls are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions and provide long-lasting stability.

Retaining Capacity

Ideal for stabilizing slopes and preventing soil erosion.

Premium Quality Material

We source the finest materials to construct durable and reliable gabion walls. Our gabion baskets are crafted from high-grade galvanized steel, ensuring longevity and resistance to environmental wear and tear.

Aesthetic Appeal

With various design options, our gabion walls can enhance the visual appeal of any landscape or architectural project.

Why Partner with YKM International LLC?

YKM is the top manufacturer and gabion wall supplier in UAE, Middle East manufacturing rigorously tested welded mesh sheets and hexagonal netting, trusted across the Middle East for over 40 years.

YKM Technical Support Team


We are in industry for over 40 years, working across numerous industries providing optimal solutions. 


Customization Capacity

Each project have different requirement. Our team of expert understand and produce custom solutions as per the requirement. 

Competitive price welded gabion mesh

Competitive Pricing

We provide our gabion wall meshes at manufacturer direct pricing with expert installation service. 


Hands-on Customer Support

Our expert sales engineer and gabion wall installation is available from initial to final stage providing expert advice and support. 

Ready to transform your project with our top-notch gabion wall solutions? Contact us today for and get expert consultation from the leading gabion wall supplier in UAE. Let us help you achieve the perfect balance of functionality and beauty with our expert gabion wall services.