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Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Hexagonal Wire mesh (Chicken or Poultry netting) is a type of woven wire mesh typically used in a build or coop to fence in poultry, such as chickens. It is also known as chicken wire mesh. It is constructed of hexagonal gaps of thin, flexible, galvanized steel wire. Available in diameters of 1 inch (approximately 2.5 cm), 2 inch (approximately 5 cm) and 1/2 inch (approximately 1.3 cm) and chicken wires, available in different gauges — usually 20 gauges (approximately 1 mm wire) to 22 gauges (approximately 0.7 mm wire.

Chicken Wire Mesh

The Chicken Wire Mesh that the company manufactures is used for a range of purposes, such as roof reinforcing, bird cages and playgrounds. The cement industries, stone crushing industries and more are further used with feasible costs, guaranteed consistency and flawless finish. The chicken mesh is corrosion resistant or rusting, and does not react to acids or alkalis. It has elevated tensile strength and is extremely robust. Chicken wire is often used to build cheap pens for small animals (or to shield plants and resources from animals), however GI wire's thinness and zinc content may be undesirable for animals prone to bite and will not keep predators out.

Hexagonal Wire Netting:

Depending on the netting technique, processing, material used or according to the application, hexagonal wire mesh netting may be made into various forms. In order to manufacture products with various characteristics, we typically have three manufacturing methods: straight twisted, reverse twisted and double twisted reinforced. Hexagonal opening wire netting provides good ventilation and fencing purposes. It is made of twisting carbon steel wire, electro or hot dipped galvanized, then plastic coated, or plain. It can be produced into Gabion boxes, one of the most common flood prevention wire products. Gabion laying provides a shield or bridge against water and flooding. For the keeping of chicken and other animals, hexagonal wire netting is often welded into poultry netting.

Product Name

Hexagonal wire mesh


Electro Galvanized


Strong structure, smooth surface


Twisted before galvanized, weaving after galvanized. Electro galvanized, hot dipped, plastic-coated, stainless steel, PVC coated, etc.

Weaving type available

Straight twist, and pattern available on demand

Surface Treatment:

Galvanized, PVC Coated


Widely used in poultry farms, Fence Mesh, Protecting Mesh, Cages, Construction Wire Mesh, Decorative Mesh

Manufacturer and Supplier: We deliver hexagonal or chicken wire mesh in Oman, Kuwait, Djibouti, UAE, Israel, and more countries. Order Online: +97148325555, +971501817739(UAE), +968 9426 3758(Oman) or Email us at

Galvanized Steel Chicken Wire Mesh- 3/4"x3/4"x0.45x4'x45
2-3 Days
GI HEX WIRE MESH 3/4"x3/4"x0.45x4'x45 Galvanized Steel Chicken Wire Mesh fence for crop protection, climbing plant support, garden fencing, bird fencing, gabion boxes, rabbit fencing, etc...
GI Hexagonal Mesh (Chicken Mesh) 3/4"x3/4"x5'x30m Galvanised Hex wire netting is also known as chicken mesh or hexagonal wire mesh. Hexagonal gi mesh widely used for fencing, Fabrication, poultry netting, insulation & construction purpose.Best And Quality Product Easy to install ..
Hexagonal GI Wire Mesh 3/4"x0.54mmx4'x45m
2-3 Days
Galvanized GI HEX MESH 3/4"x0.54mmx4'x45m Galvanized Hexagonal wire mesh best for bird fencing, gabion boxes, rabbit fencing, chicken runs, and garden fencing...
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