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Dutch Wire Mesh SS 304 |12x64Mesh|0.58x0.40MM|1x30M

Dutch Wire Mesh SS 304 |12x64Mesh|0.58x0.40MM|1x30M
Dutch Wire Mesh SS 304 |12x64Mesh|0.58x0.40MM|1x30M
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  • Dimensions: 3,000.00cm x 100.00cm x 100.00cm
SS Wire Mesh
MaterialSS Dutch Wire Mesh
Size(12 x 64) Mesh /( 0.58 mm x 0.40 mm) wire dia x 1 Mtr x 30 Mtr

Stainless Steel Dutch Wire Mesh

High-Quality Stainless-Steel Dutch Wire Mesh for Sieving Mesh SS 304 with size 12x64Mesh x0.58x0.40 Wire Día x1mx30m

What is Dutch Weave Type Wire Mesh?

DUTCH Wire Mesh: The weave consists of different types of twist wires inter-woven with the maximum amount of twill wires, creating good and reliable material.

There is a high filtering standard and high-performance load resistance to plain Dutch. Another kind of weave with higher fabric cables than the twisted wires is the Natural Dutch.


  • Plain Weave
  • Twilled Dutch Weave
  • Reverse Dutch Weave

Use of Dutch Weave

The primary use of Dutch Plain Wire Mesh is filtration. The use of fine mesh in the weave and a fine mesh with relatively smaller wire in the fill is provided by Dutch Weave. With very fine openings, this weave results in greater intensity and is mainly used as a wire mesh.

Stainless steel Dutch wire mesh has outstanding corrosion, alkali, high-pressure resistance, and it is used for steel screen machine filtration, sewage treatment, Oil & Gas.

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