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Woven Wire Mesh

Woven Wire Mesh

Wire mesh is very flexible and is available in various openings and wire diameters of several alloys. The woven design of the wire mesh allows it to be manufactured using a wide variety of wire diameters into a multitude of different sized openings. Using various techniques such as plain dutch wire cloth, plain weave wire mesh, twill weave, welded wire mesh, wire panels, twill dutch weave wire cloth, mesh fencing, reverse twill dutch weave  (RTDW), this type of sheet is compactly weaved and is available in the form of round disks, cut parts, rolls, etc. And ss wire mesh can also be personalized in different types and sizes according to the customers' wishes and field of application.

What Are Woven Wire Mesh Material Types?

YKM Group offers different types of woven wire mesh filters at manufacturing costs like steel wire mesh, nickel mesh wire, copper, aluminum, brass, epoxy coated, and more.

We provide various types of best metal woven cloth products like -

Stainless Steel Wire mesh

Epoxy coated Screen Mesh

Nickel Wire Mesh

Low-Carbon Steel Mesh

Brass/Bronze/Copper mesh

Aluminum Screen Mesh

Hexagonal / Chicken Mesh Wire

Plain-Twilled-Reverse-Dutch Weave

Why Wire Mesh is the Best Industrial Product?

The wire mesh fence is made of a network of fine metal wires or is composed of a field enclosed by high mesh fencing. YKM Group exquisitely manufactured and designed stainless steel mesh sheets net to accommodate different industrial applications of strainers, filters, sieves, baskets & separators using high-quality stainless steel.

Product Specifications


600 inch per lineal inch (fine mesh) to 1 inch per lineal to (coarse mesh)

Weave Type

Plain, Twill, Plain Dutch, Twill Dutch, RTDW


1000 mm, 1220 mm , 1350 mm, 1500 mm & 2000 mm


30M, 30.5M, 50M and as per customer requirement


Square, Rectangular, Double crimped, Inter Crimped


Mill also known as off the machine

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: What is wire mesh?
  • Q: What is Woven wire mesh?
  • Q: How much wire mesh cost & How to Buy?
  • A: Order Online: +971- 4 832 5555 or email us at, Or Buy direct from Company in UAE.
  • Q: How woven mesh wire is made?
  • Q: How to Cut Wiremesh Sheet?
  • Q: What are delivery locations?
  • A: YKM manufacture & deliver all types of metal wire mesh roll, panels, screens, sheets in Oman, Kuwait, Djibouti & UAE.

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