PVC Coated Chain link Fence

PVC Coated-GI Chain link Fence

PVC coated chain link fence is quite widely used in nowadays. PVC chain link fencing materials have two types: Hot galvanized wire - PVC coated and steel wire, galvanized coated. The latter type PVC chain fence has longer life time than the former type.

PVC coated- steel chain link fence is the ideal fencing for the tennis courts and other sports grounds. It is widely found in football fields, tennis courts and other fields. With the fact that such the fence whose height is about 6m and the ceiling is quite small so that the tennis ball cannot pass through. Unlike the welded wire mesh, in which the permanent physical exercise breaks the weld point, steel chain link fence with PVC coating is not destroyed, because the wires are intertwined not welded.

Apart from using in sports fields, PVC coated- steel chain link fencing has been successfully used to protect areas in the coastal environment, such as boarding houses, resorts, private cottages, farm houses, animal cages, security fences on border etc. If we use the galvanized chain link fence in seaside, the chain fencing can be easily corrosion. As the salty seaside air can fast enough to cope with the galvanize  coating. But it can not effect the steel wire hot dipped galvanized coated + PVC coated type chain link fence.

Material  : Low-carbon steel wire heat-treated zinc-coated (zinc + PVC).

Color      : Green RAL 6005

Width     :  0.5 mtr to 6 mtr

Length   : 10’ to as per client request

Packing : Roll with both corner plastic bag

Corner   : Knuckle & twisted

Origin    : UAE made



PVC Chain Link Fence 2" x 2" x 3.0 mm x 2.4m x 15m..

Material Hot wire inside/ PVC out side
Description PVC Chain Link Fence
Size 7.8' x50'
UOM Roll
Color Green RAL6005
Detail 50mm x 50mm Opening x 3.0 mm PVC Wire


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