Wire Mesh
in Pharmaceutical



We, YKM International LLC. can provide and manufacture pharmaceutical-grade wire mesh products that adds up as a superior contribution to the medical fields to provide a safe material for use when dealing with sensitive areas of human body.

Often, Wire Meshes products are used for holding medical equipment in place whilst they work and this requires a non-reactive or non-containment material to be used.

YKM’s Pharmaceutical grade wire mesh is perfect as it has no contaminants, no lubricants, and is clean room safe.


Wire Mesh Application Pharmaceutical

·        Wire Mesh in Endoscopy treatments

·        Wire Mesh in Medical adhesive tapes

·        Wire Mesh in General surgery

·        Wire Mesh in Orthopaedics

·        Wire Mesh in Cardiovascular

Wire Mesh in Endoscopy treatments

Stainless Steel Wire meshes has been a superior influence in Endoscopic treatment nowadays.

In extreme cases, usually involving inoperable tumors, splinting devices called "stents" are used which is a combination of plastic and metal mesh that can expand once they have been placed to keep blockage in the gut open.

Finally, in some patients who can no longer eat in a conventional way, a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube that too is a mix of stainless-steel mesh and plastic.

Like this there are plenty of cases in endoscopy were stainless steel, copper and some other different meshes are used according to the requirement.

The above mentioned is only one of the application in endoscopy treatment. If we are to explain all the application of wire mesh in endoscopy the content will go pages and pages and so we are keeping it short.

Wire Mesh in Medical adhesive tapes

Tapes are a combination of adhesive- or silicone-backed paper, cloth, latex, foam, and stainless-steel wire mesh.

YKM’S International LLC. provide wire mesh required by pharmaceutical industry which is the most basic component of a adhesive tape. The meshes supplied are light weight, flexible and get well with the skin.

Wire Mesh in General surgery

One of the main applications of wire mesh is in Hernia Operation and these type of meshes are also called Hernia mesh, or surgical mesh, and another superior contribution to the medical field.

It’s function is to support damaged tissue around hernias as it heals. Surgeons usually place these meshes across the area surrounding the hernia, attaching it with stitches, staples or glue.

Opening in the mesh allow tissue to grow into the device. Hernia mesh or wire mesh is utilized in nine out of 10 hernia surgeries annually in the U.S.

Wire Mesh in Orthopaedics

YKM’s International LLC. wire mesh has become a superior contribution to various sectors of Orthopaedics. Stainless Steel Mesh has become a primary requirement in total hip replacement surgery.

Stainless steel mesh is applied over the greater trochanter in instances when the trochanter is excessively porotic and would crush as the wires are tightened. It can be used to "recapture" the trochanteric fragments if migration has occurred.

Likewise, Wire mesh get utilized more in major surgeries and YKM’S provide the best mesh solution to this sector. All our meshes are quality passed and are the best safe solution to the wire mesh requirement in pharmaceutical industry.

Wire Mesh in Cardiovascular

Wire mesh plays a superior role in Cardiovascular surgeries nowadays. Cardiovascular stents are small and are made of expandable stainless steel metal mesh tubes typically placed within in coronary artery.

These Cardiovascular stainless steel wire mesh stents offer a slightly invasive means to mechanically back the damaged vessel that reinstates oxygenated blood flow to the connected tissues.