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Low Carbon Steel Mesh Suppliers in UAE

Low Carbon Steel Mesh

YKM Group is one of the Top Low Carbon Steel Mesh Suppliers in UAE, MENA Region having its manufacturing unit in China. We are GCC subdivision of Yingkaimo Metal Net specialized in manufacturing woven wire mesh. We manufacture Low Carbon Steel mesh with various carbon steel wires through warp and weft weaving. These mesh screens are frequently used in construction industry due to its high tensile strength and impact resistance property. Q295 is generally used as the raw material, but there are also high tensile carbon steel wire, copper coated steel and other material used for the same.

Low Carbon Wire Mesh Weaves

Square Weave :

  • Plain Weave Square Mesh
  • Twill Weave Square Mesh

Dutch Weave

  • Plain Dutch Mesh
  • Twill Dutch Weave Mesh
  • Reverse Dutch Weave Mesh
  • Herringbone Mesh
Low Carbon Wire Mesh Weaves
Low Carbon Wire Mesh Roll from YKM Group

Applications of Low Carbon Wire Mesh

  • Mesh Demister
  • Oil & Gas Processor
  • Internal Combustion Engine
  • Dust Removing and Filtration
  • Shaker Screen in Construction

Quality Management Measures


Raw Material Analysis

Upon receiving raw material, samples of wires and ropes are analyzed in the laboratory by means of specific tests in order to verify their mechanical tensile strength.




The distance, diameter, section characteristics analysis ensures structural uniformity of the final product





Ultrasonic Washing cleanse the to steel mesh to ensure best level of cleanliness. Electro-polishing can be carried out on request


Why Us?

We are the Leading Low Carbon Steel Mesh Suppliers in UAE capable of manufacturing Low Carbon Steel Wire Mesh with a uniform mesh opening, flat mesh surface, long lifetime, wide use, and so on. 

We have our root in manufacturing woven wire mesh, specialized in manufacture of ss square mesh, Copper Mesh, Nickel Mesh, Epoxy Coated Mesh & Aluminum mesh. We has more than 39 years of experience in low carbon steel mesh manufacturing with systematic and perfect quality control measures. 

Our imported looms and domestic looms can meet the quality requirements of various product standards, YKM Group has advanced deep processing equipment which can provide customers with different sizes of mesh, mesh sheet, mesh cylinders and so on. All products are manufactured, and quality checked in accordance with international standards or customer requirements

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