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Mine Mesh

    YKM Mine mesh is manufactured to exact specifications to meet the demands of the mining industry. Mine mesh offers protection to the miners from loose scaling in the mines. Flush cut edges improve handling, installation and maintenance of safety standards.
    Welded steel mine mesh is available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit most individual mine requirements.
    For more information contact the Industrial Sales Manager or Sales Representative in your region.

    Mining Systems

    YKM Group offers a number of solutions to support the unique requirements of mining and tunneling construction. YKM Mining Systems include a family of polymeric grid products.

    Made from high-strength, corrosion-resistant polymers, these geosynthetic reinforcement products are lightweight and easy to handle; this allows for safe, quick and easy installation, resulting in significantly fewer back, hand and facial injuries.

    AVAILABLE IN : Sheets and rolls

    AVAILABLE COATINGS : Available in galvanized or heavy galvanized finishes for improved corrosion resistance. Mine Mesh also available in Bright wire.

    SIZES : Mine Mesh is available in different lengths, widths, wire thicknesses and aperture sizes to meet specific strata control requirements.

    CATEGORY : Mine Mesh

    Coal Mine Mesh

    • Available in Galvanised, Bright or Galfan Coated material.
    • Rib Mesh and Roof Modules.
    • Superior 500 Mpa Yield Strength Wire.
    • Flat Wire Technology for additional Strength in Bolting Area.
    • Customised mesh to suit specific ground conditions.

    Hard Rock Mine Mesh

    • Available in Galvanised, Bright or Galfan Coated material.
    • Standard Sheet Sizes available from Stock.
    • Superior 500 Mpa Yield Strength Wire.
    • Special High Strength Mesh for Seismic and Squeezing Ground Conditions.