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YKM International LLC being the Best Oil & Gas Industry Mesh Supplier in UAE & Leading Sand Screen Wire Mesh Manufacturer & Top Shale Shaker Screen Manufacturer offers a variety of fine woven wire meshes to the oil and gas industry for use in various sectors of refineries and other filtration needs, including sintered wire mesh screen with perforated metal for use in oil wells as sand control screens.

Sand control woven screens are manufactured using multiple layers of woven wire mesh and YKM group being  the Best Oil & Gas Industry Mesh Supplier in UAE is capable of manufacturing these mesh screens. The wire mesh laminates are designed to combine filtration-specific characteristics of specialty woven products with more conventional, robust woven wire mesh products.

YKM, Oil & Gas Wire Mesh Supplier Mesh for Oil Industry

Filtration equipment in Oil based Industries used to separate catalyst fines from slurry oil by using sintered woven metal mesh porous screens to achieve the long-term service of catalyst. Slurry oil filtration is performed by using strong and durable wire mesh filter screens. The use of high-quality sintered wire mesh is a reliable way to achieve good quality slurry oil by decreasing catalyst concentration. The use of good quality, even aperture wire mesh helps in the elimination of fines which in turn enhances the product yield.

YKM’s woven wire mesh provides a physically accurate opening for consistent and reliable filtration.

Oil & Gas Industry Mesh Supplier in UA
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YKM, Best Oil & Gas Industry Mesh Supplier in UAE Mesh for Gas Industry

Wire Meshes Screens are used in filter media for dust filtration and are used for many different filtration tasks in Gas Industry, like renewable energy applications and combustion processes.

YKM Group being the Oil & Gas Industry Mesh Supplier in UAE & Leading Sand Screen Manufacturer is capable of manufacturing Filtration meshes or woven wire mesh made of stainless steel which can be used wherever polymer filter media are not suitable due to increased process temperatures or the risk of fire. Based on YKM’s production technologies, existing bag filter systems can just as easily be changed over to our metal mesh as other filter systems that use filter cartridges or filter platforms. Depending on the application, the existing filtration screen meshes can be selected for either high or low dust loads.

For tasks in hot gas filtration applications, we produce filtration meshes for high and low dust loads, optimized plain dutch weaves (ODW) for good filtration rates and excellent renewability.

What are the Applications of YKM Wire Mesh Screen in Oil & Gas Industry?

Wire Mesh Screen Filter For Desalinat

Wire Mesh is one of the vital components in every filtration equipment used in Oil and Gas Industry. Woven Wire Mesh Screen filters are used to remove impurities from different process systems such as fuel gas, glycol dehydration units or glycol dehydrators, oil lubrication, and even the main inlet gas feed to a gas plant. It is essential to use the right filter screen and maintain it well to increase the overall efficiency of a process and prolong equipment life.


  • SS 316 Stainless Steel Catalyst Support Screen
  • SS 316L, SS 316 Steel Sand Control System Wire Screen


  • SS316L Hot Gas Filtration Equipment Wire Screen
  • SS 304, SS316L, SS316 Bag Filter Wire Screen
  • SS304 316 316L Shale Shaker Screen/Solid Control Screens


Why a Good Sand Control Screen is recommended in Oil & Gas Industry?

Extraction of Oil, Natural Gas and water which are often located deep underground are extracted out using drills with a Steel Sand Control Screen. Drills are utilized to bore below the surface to collect oil or gas in which YKM is the best Sand Screen Wire Mesh Manufacturer & Supplier capable of manufacturing SS304, SS 316, SS 316L Steel Wire Screens are used.

When these Drills are inserted into the bore, these Steel Wire Screens allow the natural oil or gases to come in while preventing sand from entering into the mainstream.

Why Sand Control Screen from YKM Preferred?

YKM, Best Oil & Gas Industry Mesh Supplier in UAE & Leading Sand Control Screen Manufacturer & also the top Shale Shaker Screen Manufacturer supply premium sintered mesh screens that have a single layer or multiple layers of woven wire mesh, sometimes sintered, forming a resilient filter, and providing weld integrity and mechanical stability. YKM’s Steel Sand Control Mesh screens maintain their strength during installation without altering the filter pore openings. Our Filter Screens have the capability to evenly distribute flow across the full area of mesh while reducing the risk of plugging at the wire screen.

Sand Screen Wire Mesh Manufacturer

Sand Control Screen Wire Mesg from YKM

* Stainless Steel Square mesh

* Dutch Weave mesh with:

Software - Design mesh Specification: Filtration data changing tendency monitored by air permeability measuring instrument. YKM dedicates to innovating & developing spirit & constantly develops market–demanding new products & new Services.

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Importance of a Good Wire Mesh in Catalyst Support Screen

YKM International LLC. Oil & Gas Wire Mesh Supplier in UAE & Sand Control Screen Manufacturer manufacture a wide range of catalyst support wire screens for the petrochemical and refining industries were SS316 Steel Mesh is more popular. Wire mesh support Catalyst Screens allow for more open area and more precise openings than perforated steel or wedge wire screens. As a result, catalyst support screens manufactured using wire mesh are promoted more for their efficiency. A good Wire Mesh Catalyst Screen with an even aperture can allow providing maximum efficiency at a minimal cost.



Why is Metal Mesh recommended in Hot Gas Filtration System?

  • High-Temperature Resistance: SS316L Stainless Steel Woven Wire mesh filter from YKM Group will keep its integrity over 2000 °F.
  • Corrosion & Abrasion Resistance: SS316L Stainless Steel Woven Wire Cloth Filter can even withstand and perform the best even in harsh environments. Please advise us of the working environment before ordering, and then a suitable filter will be advised by YKM Expertise.
  • High Mechanical Strength & Durable Woven Wire Mesh
  • Reusable & Cleanable Woven Wire Mesh
  • High-Efficiency Surface Filtration
  • Low-Pressure Drop
  • Good Formability


Palm Kernel Oil Leaf Filter

What is the Importance of a Good Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh in a Hot Gas Filtration System?

Hot gas filtration in Oil and Gas Industry should be operated under ultra-high temperatures and in harsh environments. Compared to other alternatives, the Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter Screen from YKM Group has been proven an effective and efficient filtration media.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh has high mechanical strength, durability, high-temperature resistance, reusability, and good formability making it an ideal solution for hot gas filtration.

YKM International LLC. is capable of producing Stainless Steel Hot Gas Filter Screen in a number of shapes including disk, pleated, etc. with respect to the requirement of the client.

Why a Good Wire Mesh is Recommended in Bag Filter Wire Mesh?

YKM International LLC is capable of producing Bag Filter Wire Mesh 304 stainless steel wire mesh filter bag. It has a rigid pore opening structure that tolerates a limited number of backwashes. The pressure differential is acceptable which allows longer filter change-out intervals to further reduce the operating cost.

A Good, Strong and Durable Wire Mesh is always important to uniform filtration in Bag Filter in Oil and Gas Industry. YKM Group with its more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of Wire Mesh for Oil and Gas Industry has always provided the best possible woven wire mesh for these kinds of Filters.


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Features that make YKM Wire Mesh standout for Bag Filters

  • Acceptable Pressure Differential for Longer Filter Change Out Intervals
  • Rigid, Even Pore Openings
  • Lower Operating Cost
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Strong


Why Wire Mesh for Bag Filters is recommended from YKM Group?

YKM, Leader in Wire Mesh with more than 30 years of experience in wire mesh manufacture has been always able to bring out the best-woven wire screens for Bag Filters in Oil & Gas Industry.

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Shale Shaker Screen Manufacturer

Why Steel Screen from YKM is Recommended in Shale Shaker Screens or Solid Control Screens?

Shale Shaker Screens are a vital part of Solid Control Firm. Shaker Shaker screen in Oil and Gas Industry is a control device used to separate solids from liquids, typically sand or other heavy materials. Shaker screens work by suspending the solid material in fluid and rocking it back and forth through a screen mesh until they become separated. YKM Group is the Top Shale Shaker Screen Manufacturer capable of manufacturing screen that allows uniform filtration and reduced filtration cost.

What are the features that Make YKM Shale Shaker Screen unique?

  • Increased production
  • Reduced Downtime for Maintenance
  • Improved Quality control during Drilling Operations
  • More Accurate Measurement Readings
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