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Solving Pharmaceutical Industry Filtration Challenges

YKM International LLC is your trusted pharmaceutical wire mesh manufacturer with over 40 years of industrial experience delivering quality solutions with a commitment to excellence. Our capacity can manufacture and supply wire cloths that undergo stringent quality checks and are manufactured as per industrial standards.

Our extensive experience has positioned us at the forefront of innovation in the wire mesh industry. Whether you’re looking for sieve screen or welded mesh for trays, etc; we got you covered.

Pharmaceutical Wire Mesh Solution We Offer

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Woven Wire Mesh tray in Pharmaceutical Industry

Features of YKM Pharmaceutical Wire Mesh

Precision Filtration

Wire mesh provides precise control over particle size filtration, ensuring consistent product quality by effectively separating solids from liquids or gases.


It is robust and durable, capable of withstanding rigorous cleaning and sterilization procedures required in pharmaceutical settings without degrading or losing its filtration efficiency.


They are versatile and can be tailored to specific application needs, whether for coarse filtration, fine filtration, support structures, or as protective barriers in various pharmaceutical equipment and processes.

Chemical Compatibility

Pharmaceutical-grade wire meshes are available in materials such as stainless steel, dutch weave mesh,  etc., that offer high chemical resistance, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of pharmaceutical substances and cleaning agents.


Regulatory Compliance

As one of the top pharmaceutical wire mesh manufacturer, YKM Group ensure that our mesh solutions are designed to meet stringent regulatory requirements for cleanliness, sterility, and product safety required in pharmaceutical industry.


Available in various mesh sizes, wire diameters, and configurations (such as woven, knitted, welded, etc.), pharmaceutical wire meshes can be customized to meet specific filtration and operational requirements of different pharmaceutical applications.

Wire Mesh Application in Pharmaceutical Industry

Particle Sizing and Filtration

YKM Woven wire screens are used in analytical sieves to separate solids from liquids or gases. Also employed in sieving operations to classify particle sizes during manufacturing. 

Tablet Coating Roller

SS mesh screens are used in drum filters to coat tablets in pharmaceutical industry. 

Surgical Tray

Stainless Steel Woven & Welded wire mesh are a popular choice to manufacture surgical trays in surgical tray manufacturing industry. 

Air Filtration Systems

Air filtration system commonly use stainless steel woven screens and sometimes expanded metal mesh as filter screens in this industry. 

Why are we recommended as your Pharmaceutical Wire Mesh Manufacturer?

YKM Group is the GCC subdivision of Yingkaimo Metal Net Ltd, your trusted high-quality pharmaceutical wire mesh manufacturer with over 40 years experience. Our research and development team includes 20 plus experts in wire mesh manufacturing industry. Contact us today on [email protected] to learn more about how we can support your business.