Construction Shade Net


YKM Group is a top and best manufacturer and supplier of construction shade net which are available in various colours which are Green, Blue, White, Black, Beige, Brown, more


YKM Construction Net are highly resistant to Ultra Violet Radiation. We are capable of manufacturing high quality Shade Net; which provide High Efficiency and quality to our clients.

The Durability of Construction Shade Net is what that makes it stand out of out construction shade net offered by other companies.

YKM’s HDPE Shade Net is specially designed for protecting scaffolding while the building is underway, thereby preventing potential damage to people and property.


Shade netting/Shade Cloth for construction not only protects from the sun and high temperatures but is also an effective windbreak. It provides sufficient protection for construction works and workers as a privacy net, if the project necessitates it.


Features of HDPE Shade Net :

  • Cost-effective netting for large areas 

  • Safety net for scaffolding falls

  • Windbreak and privacy net 

  • Environmental considerations 

  • Workplace improvement 

  • An effective and cost-effective solution for proper ventilation in all poor weather


Product Details

  • Colors: Green, Blue, White, Black, Beige, Brown, more

  • Resistant To UV Radiation: Yes

  • Warranty: Yes

  • Shade Rate (%): 95% 90% 85% 80% 75%

  • Condition: New

  • UOM: Roll

  • Material: HDPE

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