Best Wire Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE


YKM Group being the largest and Best Wire manufacturer in UAE manufactures Galvanized Wire, Annealed Wire, Binding Wire, Tie Wire, Mild Steel Tie Wires, PVC Binding Wire, Razor Wire, Concertina Wire, Barbed Wires and PVC Barbed Wires and supply the wires to UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia.

Binding Wire from YKM Middle East is used for the purpose of tying applications in the field of

construction. It is used extensively in the construction sector for tying the rebars the joints in order to keep the structure intact.

Binding wire is also known as annealed wire and mild steel is used as the material. These wires are well known for their flexibility and softness and still strong. YKM Group also supply PVC Coated Binding Wire to UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia.

Binding wire is available in different diameters/thickness ranging from 0.61 mm to 1.22


Construction Binding Wire from YKM Group Popular Sizes are:

(Wire Diameter)

18 Gauge Binding Wire

20 Gauge Binding Wire

21 Gauge Binding Wire

22 Gauge Binding Wire

Razor Wire

YKM International LLC. is a professional manufacturer and suppliers of concertina wire and razor wire for over 30 years in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and more. YKM Group strives hard for our customer satisfaction from the very beginning by providing the top-quality concertina and razor wire of client requirement.

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