Chain link fence is manufactured by twisting wires together to form spiral shape which is flattened. It is because of this design, chain fence are also called cyclone fences or diamond mesh fences. YKM International LLC. follow the process of twisting the wire continuously spirally around the blades and winds when it reached the far end of the fence then the wire is cut. The entire chain fence is moved up when the wires are spirally pressed during the second cycle. This process is continued creating a overlap at the end of every wire spiral twisting. This specific design elements of a chain link fence make to more suitable for high security Fencing requirements.

Chain-link fencing common variants are :

  • Hot Dipped Fence
  • Electro Galvanized Chain Fence
  • PVC Coated Fence

Are all link fencing mesh the same?
Chain Link net is a component fence system, comprising essentially of three fundamental components  i.e. fabric, structure, and fittings.

Chain link fencing mesh is available in a wide variety of gauges and coatings. The most specific coating is zinc (galvanized), Hot Dipped and PVC Coating.

What are the advantages of chain wire fencing?
The Link wire protects and embellishes assets, is long-lasting, free of maintenance, corrosion resistant and yet economical. Without obstructing views, a chain-link wire fence also provides protection, blends well with landscaping, and is a good option to control pest.

Manufacturer & Supplier: YKM deliver these fences in UAE  |  OMAN  |  KUWAIT  | QATAR | BAHRAIN | SAUDI ARABIA.

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