YKM Metal Net is widely engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of all types of top-quality stainless steel wire mesh panels or sheets in Oman, Kuwait, Djibouti, Israel, and UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.


Stainless steel wire mesh is more popular for its durability and fabric. It is best for industrial Filtration Equipment in Oil and Gas, Petroleum, Food and Beverage and Waste Water Treatment Plant and many more.

YKM Group manufactures and supply stainless steel wire net with grades SS302, SS304, SS316, SS316L, SS304L, SS321, SS904L and many more, with standard sizes, low prices, and the best quality. YKM Group also has stainless-steel wires for binding, fencing, residential, commercial, and other industrial purpose.

More About YKM’S Steel Wire Mesh Products

All dimensions steel mesh products are the best solution for your woven wire net needs. In a wide range of industries, steel wire mesh is used since it’s amongst the foremost common materials for plain-woven wire mesh materials besides mild steel and galvanized steel with completely different properties. As manufacturer or supplier, YKM group provides a wide variety of wire cloth like aluminium screen mesh, brass, fine metal panels, copper wire net, nickel wire mesh, low carbon and stainless steel woven and welded wire mesh with standard sizes and different dimensions like diameter, weave type & more.


YKM has different types of Wire Mesh Grades & Weaves type :

  • SS Mesh common grades we have: SS-302, SS-304, SS-316, SS-316L, SS 304L, SS 321, SS 904
  • Weave Pattern: Plain Weave, Twill, Plain Dutch, Twill Dutch, RTDW, Reverse Dutch, Reverse Twill Dutch, Crimped, Three Heddle, Five Heddle.
  • It is broadly used because of its valuable properties for industrial demands and architectures.


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