YKM Industrial Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh is mainly used in hydraulic or air filters as the supporting layers, it is the main part of the filters. Epoxy Wire mesh or Black Wire Mesh is also used as the security screen in the High-grade apartments and office buildings.


Epoxy Mesh are formed by making the special epoxy powder adhering on surface of woven mesh with different type of wires through the electrostatic spraying process, then in the course of time and temperature, the epoxy powder melts and covers on the wire mesh surface to form the dense protecting layer. The common mesh are stainless steel mesh, aluminum mesh, mild steel mesh. YKM Group also could develop these meshes according to customers requirement connecting machine, etc. And 30 units of high speed mesh weaving machines.

1. Oil immersion corrosion resistance: These meshes can be tested at different temperatures and times of hydraulic oil media all over the world, and the coating surface is unchanged. It is best suitable for special hydraulic filter products of high temperature and high pressure.

2. Weatherproof Corrosion: Based on ASTM B117-09 salt spray test standard. It can be tested in continuous 96 hours in salty environment, and the mesh surface is unchanged. It is suitable for the air filters used in the harsh physical environment and outdoor environment.

3.Strong Adhesion: It can pass the H grade pencil test, 1kg/50cm impact test, Scratch test and anti-fatigue test.

Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh Specifications

No. Substrate material coating specification (mm)width (m)length Applied industry
1 Q195 black color &Oil resistance 18×14/0.18 20mm-1250mm 30m-914m hydraulics
2 Q195 black color &oil resistance 18×14/T0.18 20mm-1250mm 30m-914m hydraulics
3 Q195 black color &Oil resistance 12×10/0.254 50mm-1250mm 30-914m hydraulics
4 Q195 black color &Oil resistance 22×20/0.18 20mm-1250mm 30m-914m hydraulics
5 Q195 white color &Oil resistance 18×14/0.18 20mm-1250mm 30m-914m hydraulics
6 5154A(H39) gray color &weatherproof 17×15/0.26 20mm-1250mm 30m-914m air filtration
7 5154A(H39) black color &Oil resistance 18×14/0.21 20mm-1250mm 30m-914m hydraulics
8 5154A(H39) black color &weatherproof 18×15/0.28 20mm-1250mm 30m-914m window screen
9 YKM Group could do customized products as per the working environment

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