FLY Stopper Mesh

Fly Screen Mesh from YKM Group are know by different name such as Epoxy Coated Fly Screen, Aluminium Window Mesh, Fly Stopper Screen etc.

YKM Group with its two dedicated Epoxy Coating Painting Lines one of the top rated and advanced machine in Asia is capable of manufacturing  grey, black and white Master and slit epoxy coating mesh roll up to 3000 feet. Annual capacity of epoxy mesh line is over 13 mil m2.

Aluminium Fly Mesh 

YKM Group provides Aluminium fly stopper screen for windows, doors to repel mosquito & other insects from entering the area also other security purpose.

YKM Group is Capable of Manufacturing Mesh Screen of the following specification :

No.Substrate materialCoatingSpecification(mm)width(m)lengthApplied Industry
1Q195black color &Oil resistance18x14/0.1820mm-1250mm30m-914mhydraulics
2Q195black color &oil resistance18x14/T0.1820mm-1250mm30m-914mhydraulics
3Q195black color &Oil resistance12x10/0.25450mm-1250mm30-914mhydraulics
4Q195black color &Oil resistance22x20/0.1820mm-1250mm30m-914mhydraulics
5Q195white color &Oil resistance18x14/0.1820mm-1250mm30m-914mhydraulics
65154A(H39)gray color &weatherproof17x15/0.2620mm-1250mm30m-914mair filtration
75154A(H39)black color &Oil resistance18x14/0.2120mm-1250mm30m-914mhydraulics
85154A(H39)black color & weatherproof18x15/0.2820mm-1250mm30m-914mwindow screen
9YKM could do the customized products as per the working environment

YKM supply Fly Mesh in Israel, Oman, Kuwait, Djibouti & Qatar, Saudi Arabia.

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