What is Dutch Wire Mesh?

The plain Dutch weave have thick warp wire than the yarn wires.
Due to this weaving pattern, the PLAIN DUTCH WEAVE (PDW) has slightly more strength. For Industrial Application, were there is a demand for high mechanical strength, it is extremely recommendable as compared to plain weave or sq. wire mesh. The Plain Dutch Weave (PDW) has high filtration ration in air mass load and stable.

  • Drum filters
  • Nutsche filters
  • Cartridge filters
  • Vertical pressure leaf filters

What is Twill Dutch weave?
In Twill Dutch Weave, The weaving pattern is a double range of yarn wires plain-woven in an over 2 and beneath 2 patterns. To make a curved path of filtration in Industry, the yarn wires overlie one another. The Twill Dutch Weave is incredibly strong with a sleek surface and therefore the finer yarn wires and smaller pore sizes give extremely good filter flow characteristics. this sort of wire mesh largely mistreatment wherever finest filtration quantitative relation needed.

Use of Dutch Weave

The primary use of Dutch Plain Mesh is for Industrial filtration. The use of  fine mesh with relatively smaller wire in the fill is provided by Dutch Weave. With very fine openings, this weave type results in greater intensity, consistency and is mainly used as a wire mesh.

Dutch Weave Wire Mesh has outstanding corrosion, alkali, high-pressure resistance, and it is used for steel screen machine filtration, sewage treatment, Oil & Gas.

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