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Construction Shade Net | GREEN | 3x60M

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Shading FactorLength x BreadthColor
HDPE75 %3M x 60M




   Sun Shade Cloth – Construction & green house

Bottom of Form

·        Color: Green

·        Shade rate :  75%

·        Size: Width 3Mtr * 60 Mtr Length


·        Approximately 75% shade factor and can be used for Protect plants or greenhouses or pets from harsh sunlight and overheating, protect swimming pool from leaf, create a comfortable shaded area anywhere needed, such as patio, porch, balcony, kennel, swimming pool and playground, serve as privacy and windbreak screen.

·        It will have no affect for photosynthesis and is more suitable for blocking the sunlight and heat while air can still flow through.

·        Made of UV stabilized polyethylene, Lightweight and durability.

·        If you want to create a comfortable shaded area, this netting will make a much cooler area for you, your family, pets, or garden.

·        AFTER SERVICE WILL SATISFY YOU – Any question we will answer within 24 hours!

·        Applications: horticulture, indoor plants, fruit plants nursery, cattle shed, fish ponds, poultry farming, general purpose shading.

ü  Fencing in of building sites.

ü  Screening of building or scaffolding shade

ü  Hiding building facades during construction or alterations.

ü  As YKM Net to catch small & light parts during construction.

ü  Demarcating of walk-ways during construction.

ü  Car Park shades.

ü  Hail Nets.

ü  Horticultural nets.

·        Made out of 100% virgin HDPE material, higher degree of UV stabilization helps the shade nets last longer.

·        High chemical and wind resistant. Light weight and easy to handle.



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Construction Shade NetConstruction Shade Net | GREEN | 3x60M
230.00 د.إ

Availability: 52 in stock

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