Fly Screen Suppliers in Qatar

YKM Group is one of the Leading Fly Screen Suppliers in Qatar & Largest Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh Suppliers & Manufacturers in Qatar strives hard to provide top notch quality fly screen of type Powder Coated Epoxy Fly Screen & Aluminium Fly Screen. YKM Group was established in the year 1984, with years of experience mesh manufacturing industry, We manufacture and supply epoxy fly screens to our clients distributed in Doha, Al Khawr, Ar Rayyan, Umm Salal Muhammad, Al Wakrah, Al Khawr, Ash Shihaniyah and many other places in Qatar. YKM Group always make sure to offer competitive high-quality Fly Mesh Screen after grouping the client’s requirement and develop the best Fly Net to meet customers' demands. YKM always make sure to provide high quality Fly Screen product making us the most influential and valuable wire mesh manufacturer at home.

What are the Different Types of Fly Screen Mesh?

  • Galvanized Iron Window Mesh
  • SS304 & SS316 Mosquito Net
  • Aluminium Fly Screen
  • Black Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh
  • Silver Epoxy Fly Screen

The most widely used Fly Screens are made of Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh & Aluminium Fly Screen known for their flexibility & affordability. Fly Screens for windows and doors are available in a wide range of opening and sizes based on different applications. The epoxy fly screen is a perfect solution for areas prone to insect infestation and the atmosphere is salty such as coastal areas. Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh is a perfect fit for Fly Screens for windows and doors where a stronger wire screen is required to sustain against strong gushes of the wind and harsh weather.

Fly Screen Suppliers in Qatar

What are the Applications of Epoxy Coated Fly Screen?

The application of fly screens is distributed in vast around industries. A few of the primary applications of Epoxy Coated Fly Screen are:

  • Epoxy Fly Screen for Doors
  • Mosquito Net for Windows
  • Insect Protection Epoxy Screen
  • Bug Control Epoxy Screen
  • Hydraulic Filter Screen

What are the Features of Epoxy Fly Screen?

Epoxy Coated Fly Screen
  • Oil immersion rust proof: Epoxy Fly Screen from YKM has been tested at different temperatures and times by various brands of hydraulic oil media all over the world, and the coating surface is unchanged. Epoxy Coated Mesh is suitable for hydraulic filters that runs in high temperature and high pressure.


  • Weatherproof: According to the ASTM B117-09 salt spray test standard, It was tested for continuous 96 hours in a salty environment, and the mesh surface is unchanged. These Mesh is suitable for the air filters & Fly Screen Requirement in harsh environments and salty atmosphere like the Coastal Region


  • Epoxy coating of these meshes makes it resistant to corrosion


  • Resilient under heat and high pressure
  • Strong adhesion: Epoxy Coated Fly Screen Mesh has the ability to pass the H grade pencil test, 1kg/50cm impact test, Scratch test, anti-fatigue test.


  • Excellent flexibility: Folding the mesh on the bar with a radius of curvature of 1mm, with no breaks on the surface is possible


  • Even Mesh Holes and the fly screen mesh is not very easy to loosen & deform


  • The Mesh Surface is Soft & Easy to be Shaped


  • Light weight in nature


  • Easy to clean
Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh Suppliers in UAE

Tests Passed

We are equipped with a performance simulation laboratory. The Performance of these Fly Screens is tested with Paint Film Elasticity Test, Pencil Hardness Test, Salt Spray Test, Paint Film Impact Test, Anti-fatigue Test, Oil immersion Test, etc. to make it suitable for different conditions. Epoxy powder used for Epoxy Coating goes through numerous inspections from the incoming inspection, product process quality inspection, and new products development inspection and then only to the end users.


YKM Group is the the most trusted stainless steel mesh supplier in Qatar and Word's Top Woven Wire Mesh Manufacturer, and we are the most trusted partner for Industrial Mesh Requirement since 1984. All our Fly Screen Meshes are verified from the raw material still it reaches the end client. We are capable of manufacturing Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh at custom size based on requirement. Epoxy Fly Screens are available in different colours of powder according to the requirement. We, the best Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh Suppliers in Qatar & always make sure that this colour is even and consistent.

Manufacturing Facilities

YKM Group has two independently developed large-scale surface treatment Epoxy Mesh production lines at the world-leading level. The Epoxy Fly Screen is manufactured with Far Infrared Ray and Natural Gas Hot Air Cycle processes which in turn have the characteristics of stable heat release, uniformity, easy operation, environmental protection, etc.

Production Capacity

Our production capacity for Epoxy Fly Screen is 50000m2/day, and the Annual capacity is 15million square meters. YKM Group has the facilities for waste gas treatment that meets the emission standards in the next 10 years. Along with the facility for deep processing such as slitting machine, cutting machine, connecting machine, etc and 30 units of high-speed wire mesh weaving machines.

Industrial Applications