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Fly Screen Wire Mesh

YKM Group is MENA Division of Yingkaimo Metal Net & the Leading Fly Screen Suppliers in Saudi, Oman, UAE, Kuwait and across countries. YKM Group has its base manufacturing units in China, established in the year 1984. 

Our manufacturing capability has enabled us with manufacturing aluminium fly screen and epoxy coated fly screen and supplier for many projects in Dammam, Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Khobar, Hofuf, Yanbu, Ta’if, Dhahran, and many more places in Saudi Arabi. 

We supply them in rolls, cut to size, assembled, or further processed in other forms – always in accordance with your individual requirements and optimized for the respective application. 

YKM Types of Fly Screen Mesh AVAILABLE IN sAUDI

Epoxy Coated Fly Screen Mesh

Aluminium Fly Screen Mesh

Get high quality Fly Screen Mesh from one of the Best Fly Screen Mesh Suppliers in Saudi

Aluminium Fly Screen In Saudi

Applications of YKM Fly Screen Mesh in Saudi

Fly Screen Door

Epoxy Window Fly Screen

Why you should choose us?

YKM is the top fly screen wire mesh suppliers in Saudi, MENA Region manufacturing fly screen mesh for more than 40 years, distributing across countries.

YKM Quality Check

ISO Certified Manufacturer & Fly Screen Wire Supplier in Saudi

YKM Group ensure that every fly screen mesh leaving our facility meets the highest quality standards making as the top choice as fly screen wire mesh suppliers in Saudi since 1984. 

YKM Technical Support Team

Industrial Experience

YKM Group is industrial leading wire mesh manufacturer in Saudi and across Middle East with a strong knowledge of applications of fly screen mesh in Saudi industry. Our hexagonal mesh are tuned optimally to function & exhibit extraordinary performance.

YKM Group Research and Development Team

Ongoing Support

YKM dedicated customer support team available to address inquiries and provide assistance.

Timely responses and solutions to ensure a positive customer experience.


Various Sizes and Gauges

Our manufacturing capacity has enabled as with providing custom fly screen wire mesh sizes and gauges to Saudi allowing our clients to choose the appropriate configuration based on their specific needs.