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As one of the reputed screen printing mesh manufacturers in UAE, we specialize in providing top-grade wire mesh screen that are designed to meet your specific printing needs. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest technology and operated by a team of skilled professionals. We take pride in producing mesh that is not only durable but also delivers exceptional print quality.

Whether you are printing on textiles, ceramics, glass, or any other material, our screen printing mesh is engineered to provide precise and consistent results. With different mesh counts and thread diameters available, we can cater to various printing applications and ensure optimal ink flow and resolution.

At YKM Group, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our dedicated team is committed to providing excellent service, prompt delivery, and competitive pricing. We understand the unique requirements of the printing industry and strive to offer innovative solutions that help your business thrive.

Choose our screen printing mesh and experience the difference in print quality and efficiency. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let us help you achieve the best printing results possible.

YKM SS Screen Printing Mesh Weaves

Plain Weave

The most common and simplest weave pattern, where each weft wire passes over and under each warp wire alternately.


ApplicationUsed for general screen printing applications due to its balanced and uniform structure, offering good stability and durability.

Twill Weave

Each weft wire passes over and under multiple warp wires (typically two), creating a diagonal pattern. This results in a denser and more robust fabric compared to plain weave.

Application: Suitable for applications requiring a higher mesh count and finer print detail, providing better ink control and a smoother finish.

Dutch Weave

This weave has a higher number of weft wires compared to warp wires, creating a very dense mesh. There are two types: plain dutch weave and twilled dutch weave.

Application: Used for very fine filtration and detailed printing applications, often in specialized industries requiring high precision and minimal ink bleed.

Reverse Dutch Weave

Inverse of the Dutch weave, with a higher number of warp wires compared to weft wires. This creates a mesh with larger open areas while maintaining a fine filtration capacity.

Application: Ideal for applications needing a balance between fine filtration and high flow rates, often used in printing processes where both detail and efficiency are critical.

Why SS Mesh is recommeded over other Mesh in Screen Printing

Tension Capacity

In the printing industry, the screens are tightly stretched before pouring the ink to ensure consistency. 

SS Meshes have less than 1% elongation compared to other screen options like polyester which has more than 5% elongation which in the long run cause the hole deformation. 


YKM Group as one of the reputed screen printing mesh manufacturers understands the industrial requirement and supply a more stable screen which can withstand hard conditions even at a thinner wire diameter. 

Calendering Capacity

When the squeegee passes over the mesh during the screen printing process, there will be movement within the screen. 

This movement can push the wires forward, creating discrepancy in the print. 
Calendering is the process of flattening the mesh to a predetermined thickness which ensures a much stable print. 

Abrasion Resistance

The steel wire has excellent abrasion resistance, compared to other printing mesh screens. 

Heat Resistance

The high heat resistance capacity makes it suitable for even hot melt inks.

Solvent Resistance

SS Mesh prevents various solvents from damaging the screen and ensuring the printing safety. 

Variety of Ink Printing

The steel printing mesh can be used on any type of ink or paint, such as water based, synthetic resin, powder type, oily and other inks, under different conditions.

Less Printing Pressure

The stainless steel printing mesh plate is soft and flexible, and the printing pressure exerted is less, making it suitable for soft materials such as paper and textiles too.

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Industries We Serve

Textile Printing

Providing high-quality prints on various fabrics.


We are one of the leading choice as screen printing mesh manufacturers, offering meshes for precise and reliable printing on electronic components.

Ceramic Printing

Ensuring detailed and vibrant designs on ceramic surfaces.

Advertising and Promotions

Creating high-impact prints for advertising materials.

Why are we recommended?

YKM Technical Support Team

Experience and Expertise

YKM Group is one of the leading screen printing mesh manufacturers with over 40 years experience in working closely with industries.  

YKM Group Research and Development Team

Research & Development Capacity

YKM’s strong research and development team consist of 20 plus experts in mesh manufacturing industry. 

There of these experts with over 40 years experience in processing and developing quality printing mesh solutions. 

 Our wire mesh research and development capacity include one strong team of experts consisting of 20 plus experts in the wire mesh manufacturing industry.


YKM Product Quality Inspection

Quality Control

YKM Group ensures that our products undergoes strict quality control measures in place. Our comprehensive testing processes ensure that the mesh meets the required specifications and standards.

This includes checking the mesh count, thread diameter, tension, and overall durability.

YKM Manufacturing Capacity

Advanced Manufacturing Facilities

As one of the responsible screen printing mesh manufacturers in the UAE, YKM Group is equipped with advanced manufacturing equipments which undergoes structural upgradation to fulfill the growing requirement with time.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh manufacturing loom

Customization Options

Every printing project is unique, and having the flexibility to customize the mesh is essential. 

YKM Group being a reputed screen printing mesh manufacturer, understands the client’s requirement and offer custom solution based on mesh count, mesh diameter, mesh weave and mesh material required. 


Customer Support

As a trusted screen printing mesh supplier, YKM Group offer excellent customer support throughout the purchasing process and even after sales. 

Ready to experience the best in screen printing mesh solutions? Contact YKM International LLC today and experience the best from the leading screen printing mesh manufacturer and supplier in UAE.

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