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Shade Net

YKM multipurpose shade net is made of 100% UV settled high thickness polyethylene, its lightweight and solidness settle on it a predominant decision for a wide range of shade applications.

Shade Net Manufacturer

Shade Net | Shade cloth

Shade net is a fabric typically made of plastic material used by plant producers to specifically manage the incidental sunlight falling on the plants and provide flowers and plants to ensure homogeneous light scattering. Due to its lightweight, low cost, and uniform mesh opening, plastic mesh allows perfect shade nets for plants, greenhouse vegetables, terrace gardens, Shadenet house, and nurseries. For the plants, the mesh system offers uniform shadow and the green-houses require uniform airflow. The shade material is resistant to corrosion and moisture, does not become weak, and is water-permeable.

Type: Mono x Mono, Tape x Tape, Mono x Tape

Colors: Green, White, Blue, Black, Red, Grey, Brown, Beige &, etc.

Origin: China & Korea

Agro shade net: Plant netting, similar to Shade Cloth, is fundamental for nursery tasks, shielding crops from brutal daylight. We offer a determination of shade fabric and different sorts of harvest netting in numerous tones and degrees of shade.

Shade net for plants: Usually a shade level of 60-85% is ideal for vegetables & flowers.

Garden shade net: Garden mesh can assume a noteworthy part in farming when applied effectively.

Sun shade net: These UV-settled polyethylene shade nets cut summer sun by 5% while permitting cool air to circle uninhibitedly. It provides appropriate privacy for construction projects and workers if the project requires it.

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