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Buy Best YKM Epoxy Coated Fly Screen Mesh | Insect Screen | 18mmx14mm Mesh suitable for Mosquito Repellent Screen, Bug Protection Screen, Home Window Screen, Hydraulic Pressure Filter and More for Sale at Best Price.


Epoxy-coated wire mesh


Mesh SizeThicknessWidth x Length
Epoxy Mesh18mmx14mm0.23

1.2M X 25M

YKM Product Name : YKM Epoxy Coated Fly Screen Mesh with 0.23mm Thickness & 18mmx14mm Mesh


About this Product : 

YKM Epoxy Coated Fly Screen Mesh | Insect Screen | 18mmx14mm Mesh with mesh size 18mm vertically and 14mm horizontally and Thickness 0.23mm and a total dimension of 0.23mmx1.2mx25m


Features :

  • Long Lasting
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Intangible strength
  • Light Weight & Flexible Design
  • High Air Permeability


Application :

  • Best to be used as Mosquito Protection Screen, Insect Screen, Fly Screen for doors and windows.
  • Stops Insects from entering Vents and Gaps
  • Hydraulic Filter Screen


YKM Epoxy Mesh Manufacturing Experts Manufacturing Capacity


YKM Group is equipped with two independently developed large-scale surface treatment production line at the world leading level. Our Fly Screen Mesh is manufactured with Far Infrared Ray and Natural Hot Air Cycle Process.

YKM Group is equipped with a performance simulation laboratory. Our Epoxy Fly Screen Mesh go through Paint Film Elasticity Test, Pencil Hardness Test, Salt Spray Test, Paint Film Impact Test, Anti Fatigue Test, Oil Immersion Test, etc.

Our Epoxy Powder goes through incoming inspection, process quality inspection, and new products development inspection and then only to the end users.

YKM Group manufacture and supply Stainless Steel MeshNickel MeshCopper MeshEpoxy Fly Screen MeshLow Carbon Steel Mesh and Deliver to UAEOMAN, KUWAIT, QATAR, BAHRAIN, SAUDI ARABIA

Our Wire Mesh products have always been a popular choice in Air Bag Mesh in Automotive Industry, HEPA Filter Screen in Aeronautic, Sieve Screen in Construction, Sand Control Screen in Oil & Gas, Pressure Filter Screen and more

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