Screens for Printing Industry

SS Screens for Printing Industry

for Printing Industry

We manufacture SS Screens for Printing Industry with precisely defined thickness, and tight tolerances along with precisely specified thickness of the ink deposit provide excellent printing results. The stress when tensioning and printing is within the lower elasticity range, meaning that screen printing stencils have a higher service life when handled with care. These metal wire meshes are a major choice in electronics printing, textile printing, ceramics printing, glass printing industry. 

Applications of
Screens for Printing Industry

Features of
YKM Screens for Printing Industry

  • High Wire Tension Possible : The tension of SS Mesh is higher than polyester mesh, and the stability is high
  • High Abrasion resistance : The steel wire has excellent abrasion resistance, far exceeding the fiber.
  • Tight Tolerance
  • Optimized surface finish
  • High Precision : The opening is very uniform tailored to reduce error rate.
  • Calendaring for precise printing
  • Easy Cleaning & Long Service Life
  • Unmatched Durability
  • Good heat resistance: They are suitable for hot-melt inks.
  • Retains Emulsion