Aerospace Manufacturing

Solving Aerospace Industry Filtration Challenges

We manufacture lightweight yet durable Wire Cloth for Aerospace Manufacturing suiting the physical environment of Aerospace & Defence units in military aviation.  From sound attenuation, removing critical system contaminants to filtering fuel, an optimal quality mesh is most demanded. Our industry experience and R & D Ability has always enabled as to manufacture the optimal solution as per the Industrial environment. 

Our Expert Engineering Team along with the R & D Professor are available to suggest the best solution as per client requirement. All our products are according to international standard quality & optimally weaved.


  • High Tensile Strength
  • Temperature Resistant
  • Consistent Aperture 
  • Long Lasting
  • Durability
  • Outstanding Sound Attenuation
  • Reduce Gas Erosion of fiber
  • Sound Attenuating property
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Heat resistant

Applications in Aerospace Industry

  • Controls & Engines Screens
  • Air filter Screen
  •  Fuel, Oil Filter Screens

Why are we recommended?

YKM Group is GCC subdivision of Yingkaimo Metal Net Ltd. has been providing Wire Cloth for Aerospace Manufacturing since 1984 . Our R & D Department is equipped with top end machines for prototype testing and implementing. All our products undergo quality check after each level of manufacturing.

Our manufacturing capacity includes the ability to manufacture wire mesh as per the industrial requirement.