Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Solving Electrical Engineering and Electronics Challenges

With growth in electrical engineering, electronic components the requirement for optimal quality mesh for Electrical Engineering & Electronics has become most important. Technologies are constantly evolving every day, In order to provide the demanded protection and yet not impair their function, flexibility and porosity, an optimal stainless steel square mesh is a vital component. Our working experience along with R & D Team always make sure to bring the optimal wire cloth solution for these industries.


  • High tension
  • High flexibility
  • Non-electrostatic
  • Low elongation
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Good heat-melting resistance

Applications in Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry

Why are we recommended?

YKM Group is the MENA subdivision of Yingkaimo Metal Net Ltd. has been working with manufacture of Woven Wire Mesh for Electrical engineering and Electronics expert electrical engineering since 1984.  Our full-fledged  R & D Ability is equipped with top end machines for testing and manufacturing the best metal mesh solution for electrical and electronics industry.