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for shale shaker screen:

There are
lots of Equipment and Machinery used for at drilling rig site. Shale Shaker
screen are one of the most important equipment for there. The Shale Shakers are
your first equipment for drilled solids & your primary solids control machinery.
They are a key factor for predict the success of your drilling mud and

As shale
shaker are the primary equipment for mud solid control system at rig operation,
the attention for the maintenance and selection of right part & equipment
has been increased. Shale shaker screen remove the larger particles from mud
that are bigger from mesh size. These particles might be stone which came with
mud from rig during the drill, mud hard bonds etc. The mud passes through
screen and large particles discharged with help of vibrator flow. The purified
mud stored in a separate tank to reuse in drilling operation and impurities are
dissolved for other use. The selection of shake screens depends on formation of
cuttings, bit type, and mud properties. For large solids a mesh 50, 84 and 110
is usually adequate which easily removed the large solid particles from mud and
give us a purified mud for reuse. It placed on first interaction or top of the
screen or surface of the screen. The mud which is passed from this layer goes
to the main screening layer and these mesh goes up to 320 mesh which is very

The main
factors to choose the right screen are the solids diameter, mud gravity,
viscosity & density etc. the result of wrong screen selection can lead to
loss of expensive drilling fluids, premature pump failures, overloading of
other solids removal equipment such as a decanting centrifuge, decreased
equipment life, reduced rate of penetration and serious problems in the well

What factors can influence shaker screen’s

Screen cut point.

Screen conductance.

Screen non-blanked open area.

Shaker conveyance rate.

Shaker deck angle.

Liquid flow rate.

Liquid phase viscosity.

Solids sizes.

Motor vibration.

Missing rubbers on screen bed.

Metal Grade

Mesh micron accuracy

Selection of shale shaker screen wire mesh

Now, we
have idea the importance of shaker screen in drilling rig. The selection of
right micron for screen is important but the right mesh and metal grade also
have same importance in selection or correct shale shaker screen. if you
purchased the low-grade metal screen than it will damage so fast and due to
that your maintenance cost and time will increase which will affect your rig
production and increase the operation cost by 20-40%.

YKM is
very popular brand for shale shaker screen meshes. We have 40+ years’
experience in shaker screen. with more than 500 looms which include German,
Japan, USA and China machinery. We have our own R&D team which include
senior scientist from Germany, USA and China who are working continuously to
improve our facility and provide the best solution to our client for shale
shaker screen. We have facility to produce top world-class stainless-steel wire
mesh with Plain weave, twill weave, DUTCH weave, and Reverse DUTCH weave,
Reverse Twill Dutch Weave Wire mesh. The most running stainless steel wire mesh grade is
SS304, SS304L, SS316 and SS316L for shaker screen. 

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