Industries Served

Provide High Quality Filter Solution to Various Industries​

Industries Served

Industrial Solutions


Automotive Manufacturing

Wire Mesh for Automotive manufacturing
Catalytic Convertor Woven Screen Mesh | Air Bags | Frequency Dampers & More

Automotive Manufacturing

Metal Wire Mesh Woven for Aerospace Manufacturing
Air Filtration Screen | Fuel Filtration Screen | Acoustic Suppression Screen

Oil & Gas

Woven Wire Cloth for Oil & Gas Industry

Sand Control Mesh Screen | Hot Gas Filtration Wire Screen | Bag Filter Wire Cloth | Shale Shaker Screen Mesh


Woven Wire Cloth For Pharmaceutical

Metering Equipment | Analytical Sieves | Tablet Coating Roller Woven Mesh | Surgical Tray Mesh

Petroleum & Petrochemical Refining

Woven Wire Mesh for Petroleum & Petrochemical Refining

Separator Wire Screen | Coalescing Filter Screen | KO Drum Filter Mesh | Depth Filter Media Mesh | Spinneret Filter Mesh

Desalination & Water Treatment

Filtration Mesh Screen for Water Filtration

Clarifier Screens | Wire Cloth for Filter Cylinders | Basket Filters for Clarifiers

Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Wire Mesh for Electrical Engineering and Electronics

EMI Shielding Mesh | SS Mesh for Electronics | Screen Printing Mesh

Food & Beverage Filtration

Wire Mesh Cloth for Food & Beverage

Pressure Filter Screen | Rotary Screen | Vibratory Screen | Dewatering Mesh Screen 

Agriculture & Farming

Wire Cloth for Agriculture & Farming

Drip Irrigation Filter Screen | Gravel Filter Screen | Media Filter Screen | Snail Control Screen

Screen Printing ​

SS Screens for Printing Industry

Screen Printing Woven Metal Mesh Screen | Plasma Screens

Energy Industry

Wire Cloth for Energy Industry

Molten carbonate Fuel Cell | PEMFC | Phosphoric acid Fuel Cell Screen | Solar Panel

Ceramic & Porcelain

Wire Mesh for Ceramic & Porcelain

Hot Gas Cleaning Filter Screen | Ceramic Vibrating Screen | Sintered Felt Filter Bag Mesh | Standard Hot Gas Cleaning Filter Screen

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