Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh Suppliers in UAE

The YKM Group, Largest and Best Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh Suppliers & Manufacturers in UAE manufacture epoxy mesh  primarily woven and covered with top notch epoxy powder with electrostatic spraying process to make this material immune to corrosion and also acid. YKM Group's Epoxy Fly Screen is generally used as an assistance layer for purification and is used as fly screen mesh at home too. It is ideal because of the stability, and it won’t get corroded and is mostly preferred due to the economic situation of the structure

Epoxy Coated Mesh from YKM

What is Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh?

YKM, One of the Best Fly Screen Manufacturer and Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh Suppliers & Manufacturers in UAE manufacture Fly Screen with the utilization of PS mesh, Al alloy mesh, or Stainless-steel wire mesh with electrostatic powder spraying. YKM Group being the best Epoxy Coated Mesh Suppliers in UAE is capable of manufacturing wire mesh for many fields and it can be used in the replacement of traditional mesh, particularly for replacing SS wire mesh and Galvanized wire cloth with economic, eco-friendly, and durable advantages.

How is Epoxy Coated Mesh Manufactured?

FLY Screen Mesh or Window Screen Mesh is manufactured by YKM International using the special epoxy powder adhering to the surface of mesh woven with a different type of wire through the electrostatic spraying process, then in the course of time and temperature, the epoxy powder melts and covers the wire mesh surface to form the dense protecting layer. The common substrate mesh is stainless steel mesh, aluminum mesh, mild steel mesh. YKM also has the capability to develop Epoxy Coated Fly Screen Wire Mesh according to customers' requirements.

Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh Suppliers in UAE

YKM Group, Top Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh Suppliers & Manufacturers in UAE and Fly Screen Manufacturer is capable of manufacturing Industrial Epoxy wire mesh mainly used in hydraulic or air filters as the supporting layers, it is the main part of the filters. Civil epoxy mesh is mainly used as the security screen in High-grade apartments and office buildings in these mesh are also called Window Screen Mesh or Fly Screen Mesh.

What are the Features of Epoxy Coated Screen Mesh?

  • Light weight in nature
  • Epoxy coating makes it resistant to corrosion
  • Stable internet structure and simple to pleated
  • High resistance against different types of corrosive fluids
  • Resilient under heat and high pressure
  • Easy to clean and tidy
EPOXY COATED Woven Mesh Manufacturing Capacity
Epoxy Coated Wire Screen Mesh & Aluminium Wire Mesh to repel Mosquito

Why YKM's Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh Preferred?

After surface treatment, the interlacing points are fixed, the wire mesh holes are even and square, the warp and weft wires are vertical, the fly screen mesh is not very easy to loosen & deform, and the supporting force is strengthened; The mesh surface is soft and is is easy to be shaped. Different colours of powder according to the requirement can be coated. YKM, the best Epoxy Coated Mesh Suppliers in UAE & Fly Screen Manufacturer always make sure that this colour is even and consistent.

Applications of Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh

  1. Oil immersion rust proof: It can be tested at different temperatures and times by various brands of hydraulic oil media all over the world, and the coating surface is unchanged. Epoxy Coated Screen Mesh is suitable for special hydraulic filter products of high temperature and high pressure.

  2. Weatherproof : According to the ASTM B117-09 salt spray test standard. It can be tested for continuous 96 hours in a salty environment, and the mesh surface is unchanged. It is suitable for the air filters used in harsh environments and outdoor environments.

  3. Strong adhesion: Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh has the ability to pass the H grade pencil test, 1kg/50cm impact test, Scratch test, anti-fatigue test.

  4. Excellent flexibility: Folding the mesh on the bar with a radius of curvature of 1mm, with no breaks on the surface.
EPOXY COATED MESH supplier in Oman
Epoxy Coated Fly Screen Manufacturer

Why should you choose YKM, Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh Manufacturer Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh?

YKM is equipped with a performance simulation laboratory. The test includes Paint Film Elasticity Test, Pencil Hardness Test, Salt Spray Test, Paint Film Impact Test, Anti-fatigue Test, Oil immersion Test, etc. YKM's epoxy powder goes through incoming inspection, product process quality inspection, and new products development inspection and then only to the end users.

Meanwhile, YKM has two independently developed large-scale surface treatment production lines at the world-leading level. The product is manufactured with Far Infrared Ray and Natural Gas Hot Air Cycle processes. They have the characteristics of stable heat release, uniformity, easy operation, environmental protection, etc.

The production capacity of YKM Group is 50000m2/day and the Annual capacity is 15million square meters. And YKM have facilities for waste gas treatment that meet the emission standards in the next 10 years. Along with the facility for deep-processing such as slitting machine, cutting machine, connecting machine, etc and 30 units of high-speed wire mesh weaving machines.

Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh Specifications

No.Substrate materialCoatingSpecification(mm)width(m)lengthApplied Industry
1Q195black color &Oil resistance18x14/0.1820mm-1250mm30m-914mhydraulics
2Q195black color &oil resistance18x14/T0.1820mm-1250mm30m-914mhydraulics
3Q195black color &Oil resistance12x10/0.25450mm-1250mm30-914mhydraulics
4Q195black color &Oil resistance22x20/0.1820mm-1250mm30m-914mhydraulics
5Q195white color &Oil resistance18x14/0.1820mm-1250mm30m-914mhydraulics
65154A(H39)gray color &weatherproof17x15/0.2620mm-1250mm30m-914mair filtration
75154A(H39)black color &Oil resistance18x14/0.2120mm-1250mm30m-914mhydraulics
85154A(H39)black color & weatherproof18x15/0.2820mm-1250mm30m-914mwindow screen
9YKM could do the customized products as per the working environment

YKM group deals with all dimensions of Stainless Steel Wire Cloth Mesh screen that are the best suitable for all your woven wire net needs. In a wide range of industries, wire mesh is used since it’s amongst the foremost common materials for plain-woven wire mesh materials besides mild steel and galvanized steel with completely different properties. As a manufacturer, YKM group provides a wide variety of wire cloth like aluminium screen wire mesh, brass, fine metal panels, copper wire net, nickel wire mesh, low carbon and woven mesh with standard sizes and different dimensions like aperture size, weave type & more.

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Epoxy Coated Mesh is manufactured with the utilization of PS mesh, Al alloy mesh, or Stainless-steel wire mesh with electrostatic powder spraying

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