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Welded Wire Mesh

Explore premium welded wire mesh from the leading welded wire mesh supplier in UAE with over 40 years of manufacturing experience. YKM offer top tier welded wire mesh products at factory pricing.

With extensive experience and a dedication to excellence, we proudly stand as leading welded wire mesh manufacturer in UAE and across Middle East. At YKM, we specialize in producing welded mesh sheets and rolls suited for diverse industrial applications.

Welded Wire Mesh Types

Renowned as a trusted welded wire mesh manufacturer in UAE, our strength lies in cutting-edge technology and innovative manufacturing. We consistently deliver superior solutions, catering to various client needs, be it for industrial, construction, or custom requirements. Here are some of our welded wire mesh key offerings.

What we offer


Welded Wire Mesh Manufacturing

YKM Group is one of the top welded wire mesh manufacturer in UAE and Middle East link specialized in manufacturing high-quality welded mesh. Our expert team ensure that the welded wire mesh which we produce meets the highest industrial standards for quality, strength, and durability.

YKM PVC Welded Wire Mesh Fence

Welded Wire Mesh Fence Installation

YKM Group has a complete set team for welded wire mesh installation in UAE. Our team includes a site supervisor, engineers, draftsman, estimator, site coordinator, surveyor, safety officers and labours.

PVC Gabion Wall

Welded Wire Mesh Supply in Middle East

As one of the prominent Welded Wire Mesh suppliers in UAE, we deliver our welded wire mesh to Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and across UAE and Middle East.

Get High quality Welded Wire Mesh from the Best Welded Wire Mesh Supplier in UAE

GI Welded Wire Mesh Roll

Features of Welded Wire Mesh

To produce Welded Wire Mesh, YKM use high grade raw materials for best performance which makes as the top choice as welded wire mesh suppliers in UAE for more than four decades.

Exceptional Strength and Durability

YKM Welded Wire Mesh are engineered with high-quality materials, ensuring robustness and long-term durability even in demanding environments.

Galvanized Coating for Corrosion Resistance

Each welded wire mesh options include pvc coated, Stainless Steel, Electro galvanized, or Hot dipped galvanized offering superior protection against rust and corrosion, thereby extending its lifespan and maintaining structural integrity.

Versatile Range of Gauges and Sizes

YKM manufacture an extensive range includes of welded wire mesh with various gauges and sizes, providing flexibility to cater to diverse industrial and commercial needs, ensuring suitability for different applications.

Uniform and Precise Construction

Precision in manufacturing peocess guarantees uniformity across the mesh structure, ensuring consistent quality and reliability in every product.

Easy Handling and Installation

Our welded wire mesh are meticulously manufactured  for ease of handling and installation, facilitating convenience without compromising on strength or functionality.

Low Maintenance

The GI Welded Mesh from YKM requires minimal maintenance due to its resistance to rust and strong structural integrity.

Applications of Welded Wire Mesh

Welded Wire Mesh for Construction

Wire Mesh Fencing

Welded Wire Mesh Guard

Welded Mesh Gabions

Welded Mesh Guard

Why you should choose us?

YKM Group is in industry for over 40 years providing quality solutions, which makes as the most preferred welded wire mesh supplier in UAE. Our key values include meeting customers individual and potential R&D demand and provides customer with high-standard, high-precision, stable quality, environmental and safety products. 

YKM Quality Check

ISO Certified Welded Wire Mesh Manufacturer

YKM Group is one of the leading welded wire mesh manufacturers with TUV ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001. 

YKM Technical Support Team

Industrial Manufacturing Experience

YKM Group is the industrial leading welded wire mesh supplier in UAE and across Middle East with over 40 years of industrial experience across countries. 

YKM Group Research and Development Team

Research & Development

YKM Group invest in the latest technology and equipment to stay at the forefront of the welded wire mesh manufacturing industry. This enables us to offer innovative mesh solutions and products that meets the industrial standards. 


Customized Size

YKM understands that every project is unique, and sometimes standard welded wire mesh sizes may not suffice. That’s why YKM offer customized solutions for Welded Mesh in UAE tailored to your specific requirements.