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Wire Cloth for
Energy Industry

Wire Cloth
for Energy Industry

With the development of technologies, the quality of Wire Cloth for Energy Industry has become a huge factor for quality energy production. At YKM, we manufacture Stainless Steel Wire Mesh & Nickel Wire Mesh with 99.5% pure nickel, which is the most preferred choice for Green Energy Industry. Solar energy and hydrogen energy are currently considered as the green energy which can be generated using renewable raw sources. As the global market leader for metal wire cloth solution, YKM supports the efficient use of green hydrogen in industrial applications, as technical weave is used in generating green hydrogen and converting it to energy. The woven wire mesh quality and properties are fundamental to the efficient use of green hydrogen.

Wire Cloth for Energy Industry

Applications of
Wire Cloth for Energy Industry

  • Molten carbonate Fuel Cell (MCFC)
  • Alkaline fuel cells (AFC)
  • Solid oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) 
  • Solar Panel
  • Polymer electrolyte membrane (PEMFC)
  • Screening for used materials / recycling.
  • Phosphoric acid Fuel Cell (PAFC)
  • Direct methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC)

Features of
Wire Cloth for Energy Industry

  • Special developments of Wire Cloth for Energy Industry mesh can handle high-temperature variation in the regenerators
  • Optimal and Unform Opening
  • Long-term stability
  • Physical Environment based & Client-specific mesh solution
  • Nickel Mesh electrolyte with high electrocatalytic efficiency
  • Special meshes for individually designed Regenerators
  • Optimal electrical conductivity to achieve power generation


They have great service, quality products and we trust them. We value a local relationship and the impact it has on our community.
Kelvin Black
From Muscat,Oman
It is a company we can count on. They are responsive, they bring new ideas and they care about the success of our organization. I’d recommend them to any athletic department.
Zasha Swan
From Saudi Arabia
YKM is market leader for Shade Net, SS Wire mesh. They have nice manufacturing facility with excellent customer care service. The staff is highly professional and supportive
Frank Jones
From Kuwait
High Quality Industrial Wire Cloth. Extremely satisfied by their Customer Support
Jack Brownn
From London, UK