Wire Mesh Raw Material Inspection

Wire Mesh Raw Material Inspection Devices

YKM Group has a complete set of advanced Wire Mesh Raw Material Inspection instruments and equipment capable of testing the physical & chemical properties of the raw material. 

Inspection instruments includes infrared carbon-sulfur analyzer, radioactive X/Y dose rate monitor, X-ray fluorescence spectrum, laser beam diameter measuring instrument, microhardness tester, universal tensile testing machine, etc. for testing and monitoring the radioactivity, metallic elements & chemical components, mechanical property, ovality, internal structure, microhardness, and many other parameters. 

We adopts the research and development platform integrated by computer aided design and products test, including products APQP, mold design, 3D modeling, property verification, etc. Our lab is equipped with the precise instrument to conduct testing, and also carry out the simulation experiments as per the application environment of the end product, which can provide the application and data support to clients.

Portable Radiation Detector

Raw Material Inspection

Under the guidance of experts in NIM (approval by CIPM and BIPM), As a reputed wire mesh manufacturer, YKM Group introduced radiological detection equipment for inspecting raw material and manufactured wire mesh products inspection to check radioactive contaminants mixed in material.

Electrical Universal Testing Machine

Electrical Testing Machine

Test the material’s mechanics performance, like elongation, tearing, peeling, cutting, bending, compressing, etc. It is capable of calculating max force, yield strength, average peeling force, max deformation, yield point, elasticity modulus, etc. 

Microhardness Tester

Raw Material Inspection

Microhardness tester measure the indentation capacity of the tested object against another hard object. This machine is mainly used to test the hardness of the stainless steel wire

Innov-X System Handheld XRF Analyzer

Raw Material Inspection

The Innov-X System handheld XRF Analyzer is wire mesh raw material inspection device utilized to analyze chemical components  guarantying the traceability of raw material quality.

Photodosimeter for Wire Diameter

Raw Material Inspection

High-precision wire mesh raw material inspection device with optical, high-speed data acquisition system and microprocessor technology. 

Infrared Carbon-Sulfur Analyzer

Raw Material Inspection

Checks the exact carbon, sulphur sensitively and composition quickly. This method is used to distinguish materials 304 & 304L, 316 &316L, and so on.