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Product Quality

Based on ISO9001 and TS16949 quality management system, all kinds of Woven Filter Cloth Quality Inspection procedures and management methods are applied. YKM being the best Epoxy Wire Mesh Suppliers and manufacturer not only concentrates on pre-production plan, pre-production management and process controlling, but also the persistent quality improvement of wire mesh.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment

At present, YKM Group is devoted to introducing automatic metal mesh inspection device, which can take pictures of every roll while it pass through light table it will record the exact position, quantity and size of the wire mesh defects, the inspection report generated which is the most reliable traceability basis of wire mesh.
Ultrasonic cleaning equipment can ensure the cleanliness of the mesh through the process of cleaning, bleaching, spraying, drying, and rolling. For special industry, YKM’s Woven Filter Cloth Quality Inspection can proven to ensure filtration efficiency.