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Welcome to YKM Group, the most trusted Agro Shade Net Manufacturers & Suppliers in UAE for  If you’re looking for top-quality shade nets for your agricultural needs, you’ve come to the right place. Our extensive range of shade net products is designed to provide the perfect amount of shade and protection for your crops, ensuring optimal growth and yield.

Our agro shade nets are designed to stand the test of time against wearing, tearing, and are as per the international standards.

We are one of the leading agro shade net manufacturer with capacity to provide shade cloths with variable UV Shading required for nurseries, greenhouses, or open field cultivation, we have a solution tailored to your specific requirements.

What we offer

Leading Agro Shade Net Manufacturers

YKM Agriculture Shade net

As one of the leading agro shade net manufacturer, our expert and skilled team of craftsmen manufacture high grade shade net using top quality raw materials which are as per the international standards. 

Agro Shade Net Installation in UAE

Shadenet Installation

YKM Group has worked with numerous agro shade net installation projects for across UAE. Our installation process includes analyzing the temperature of the area, and the understanding the requirement of client. Based on these factors our team will suggest the best UV Shading required for optimal plant growth and install in no time. 

Top Agro Shade Net Supplier

YKM Deliver Across UAE

YKM Group is most preferred agro shade net supplier in UAE due to quality of products and rigorous quality checks. 

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

95% Car Park Shades Colour

YKM capacity is capable of producing cutomized agro shade net solution in terms of sizes, colours and UV Shading based on client’s requirement. 

Types of Agro Shade Nets

Monofilament Shade net

Monofilament Shade net​

These shade nets are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament yarns. They provide excellent durability, strength, and resistance to UV degradation. Monofilament shade nets are ideal for long-term use in open field cultivation and nurseries.

Monotape Shade net

YKM Monotape Shade net

Monotape shadenet typically refers to a shading net made from a single strip or monofilament of polyethylene material. These nets often have a flat appearance and are durable, offering good resistance to tearing and stretching.


They offer good ventilation, light diffusion, and shade protection. Woven shade nets are commonly used in greenhouses, nurseries, and shade houses.

Get high quality agriculture shade cloth from one of the best Agro shade net manufacturers & supplier in UAE

YKM Agro Shade Net Features

Temperature control:

YKM Agro shade nets provide a controlled environment by regulating the temperature. They help in reducing heat stress on plants, preventing wilting and scorching. By maintaining an optimal temperature, shade nets create favorable conditions for plant growth and development.

Pest and insect control

Agro shade nets act as a physical barrier, preventing pests, insects, and birds from damaging crops. They create a secure environment, reducing the risk of infestations and minimizing the need for chemical pesticides.

Crop yield improvement

By providing optimal growing conditions, agro shade nets contribute to improved crop yield and quality. They promote uniform growth, enhance flowering and fruiting, and protect crops from adverse weather conditions, resulting in higher profitability for farmers.

Sunlight management

Excessive sunlight exposure can be detrimental to crops. Agro shade nets filter sunlight, reducing the intensity and protecting plants from harmful UV rays. This helps in preventing sunburn, sunscald, and leaf damage.

Water management

Shade nets reduce water evaporation from the soil by limiting direct exposure to sunlight. This helps in conserving water and maintaining adequate soil moisture levels, enabling efficient irrigation practices.

Protection from hail and wind

Agro shade nets offer protection against hailstorms and strong winds. They act as a shield, minimizing crop damage and preventing losses caused by severe weather events.

Agriculture Shade Net provide a cost-effective solution for sustainable agriculture. Their versatile applications make them an indispensable tool for modern farming practices.

Why are we recommended?

Product quality

YKM Group offer high-quality shade nets made from premium materials which undergoes rigorous testing. These shade nets  are as per the industrial standards and possess excellent durablity, UV resistance, and capable of withstanding the local climatic conditions in UAE and Middle East. 

Customization options

As the leading agro shade net supplier in UAE, we are capable of  providing customized shade nets tailored to your specific needs. Our team of experts can suggest and provide shade nets with different shade percentages, sizes, and colors to ensure the perfect fit for your agricultural setup.

Customer support

YKM Group customer support team include responsive, knowledgeable sales engineers and sales experts willing to provide guidance and assistance throughout the process, from product selection to installation.

Product range

We offer a wide range of shade net options to meet different agricultural requirements. We have successfully provided shade nets suitable for various applications, including nurseries, greenhouses, and open field cultivation and more. 

Industry experience

YKM Group is the leading agro shade net manufacturer and supplier with extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying agro shade nets across Middle East.

Our experienced team  understands the unique challenges of your region and provide suitable solutions.

Price competitiveness

YKM Group is your one stop solution for all your shade net requriement. If you are looking for quality at best pricing, we got you covered. YKM Group always make sure to satisfy our client with providing best quality products without sacrificing quality.