YKM's Woven Mesh Manufacturing Capacity has drastically improved over the last thirty-years. It has two factories, one is located in Anping, the other one is located in Dezhou city. It has more than 400 sets of advanced machines, and more than 6000 series of specifications, and it has been the leader in Chinese wire mesh industry.

Woven Mesh Manufacturing Capacity

The YKM Group is the Leading Fly Screen Wire Mesh Suppliers & Manufacturers in UAE with a manufacturing experience of more than 30 Years in the Wire Mesh Manufacturing Industry. Fly Screen Netting from YKM Group is covered with top notch epoxy powder applied with electrostatic spraying process to make this material immune to corrosion and also acid. YKM Fly Screen Wire Mesh Suppliers & Manufacturers in UAE  Fly Screens are primarily used as Fly Screens for windows and doors.

Fly Screen Wire Mesh Suppliers & Manufacturers in UAE
Aluminium Fly Screen Wire Mesh Suppliers & Manufacturers in UAE

The most widely used Fly Screens are epoxy mesh & aluminium fly screen known for its flexibility & affordability. Fly Screens for windows and door are available in a wide selection for different applications. Aluminium Fly Screens are slightly opaque but it still offers good visibility from the inside.

These fly screen netting can be acquired in both heavy-duty, fine, and standard grades. The epoxy fly screen is a perfect fit for areas prone to an insect infestation such as coastal areas. YKM’s Fly Screens for windows and doors is perfect for places where a stronger screen is required to sustain against strong gushes of the wind and harsh weather. The temporary fly screen price depends on the required size of clients.

EPOXY COATED Woven Mesh Manufacturing Capacity

Epoxy Coating Mesh

YKM's Woven Mesh Manufacturing Capacity has enabled manufacturing of grey, black and white Master and slit epoxy coating mesh, consecutive weaving per roll can be up to 3000 feet.
YKM International LLC. possesses two self-designed epoxy painting lines which are the most advanced in Asia and can produce highest capacity on the daily basis.
Annual capacity of epoxy coating mesh is over 13 mil m2.

Low-Carbon Mesh

It includes Low-carbon woven wire mesh, Galvanized woven wire mesh, and different painting woven wire mesh products, the annual capacity is over 5 mil M2.

Best Carbon Steel Mesh Supplier and Manufacturer in Oman

Further Processing Products

It includes different materials, slit rolls of various widths, argon slit mesh, pleating slit rolls, flanging slit rolls, and single or multiple layer discs of different shapes and sizes. The length of slit mesh can go up to 30000 feet after jointing.

The daily capacity for discs are 0.2 mil pcs and 5,000 rolls for slit mesh.

YKM Group has a variety of advanced further mesh processing equipment, such as plasma cutting equipment, cutting equipment, flatting equipment, rolling wave equipment, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, flanging equipment, welding equipment and annealing equipment, and so on…



YKM's products are mainly sold in international high-end markets. YKM distributes 90% of the products to more than 70 countries around the world. YKM has the ability to serve global companies and has been an excellent plain and woven wire mesh supplier for many well-known enterprises worldwide.