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Woven Wire Mesh

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YKM Group is the industrial leading Industrial Woven Mesh Manufacturer & Supplier in UAE and across Middle East Countries since 1984.  With a legacy spanning over 4 decades, our commitment to excellence and innovation has made us the preferred choice for clients seeking high-quality woven wire mesh for industrial wire screens.

Woven Mesh Manufacturer & SUpplier in UAE

Industrial Woven Mesh Solutions

YKM Stainless steel wire mesh woven

Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh

Nickel Woven Wire Mesh

Nickel Woven Wire Mesh

Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh

Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh

Copper Wire Mesh

Copper Wire Mesh

Aluminium Wire Mesh

Aluminium Wire Mesh

Low Carbon Wire Mesh

Low Carbon Wire Mesh

Experience Premium Mesh Solutions from the Leading Woven Mesh Manufacturer

Plain Weave Wire Mesh​ Woven

Plain Weave Woven Wire Mesh

Warp wire crosses alternately above and below every weft wire and vice versa. Warp and weft mesh wires are normally of the same diameter. Used for the majority of commercial applications and for filtration where a high flow rate is required.

Twill Woven weave pattern

Twill Weave Woven Wire Mesh

Each weft mesh wire passes alternately above and below every successive pair of warp wires and vice versa. This mesh weave permits a heavier wire diameter to be used than a plain weave with similar mesh count.

Plain Dutch Weave Woven Wire Mesh

Plain Dutch Woven Wire Mesh

YKM Group is the top Plain dutch woven mesh supplier which is a combination of dutch weave and plain weave. It has two sizes of wire diameters like the dutch weave. Each warp wire with coarse wire diameter passes alternately over and under one weft wire to supply high tensile strength for the netting. The weft wire with fine wire diameter alternately passes over and under one warp wire to form a fine opening for filtering.

Twill Dutch Weave Woven Wire Mesh Weave

Twill Dutch Woven Wire Mesh

Twill dutch weave is the combination of dutch weave and twill weave. The weft wires passes alternately over and under two warp wire forming a fine wire mesh in the warp direction and the warp wires forms a coarser mesh in the warp direction in the same weaving.

Reverse Plain Dutch Woven Wire Mesh

Reverse Plain Dutch Woven Weave

Reverse dutch weave is the same as plain Dutch weave but the warp and weft wires are woven in reverse. Thin warp wires are placed close together and woven with thicker weft wires, which creates higher strength in the warp wires.

Reverse Dutch Twill Woven Weave

Reverse Dutch Twill Woven Weave

It is Reverse of Plain Dutch Weave in a twill pattern, which reduces the deformation of the warp wire, this cloth is very stable and particularly strong in the warp direction with a high flow rate.t They are widely used as industrial mesh screens for filtration.

Why we should be your preferred Woven Mesh Manufacturer?

YKM Approach

Understanding the Requirement

YKM Group Woven Mesh Project Discussion

Our expert team will check the client’s requirement and advise the best wire mesh solution possible for the application. 

Research & Development

YKM Research & Development

Our Research and Development team remains attentive to cutting-edge market information, closely following industry trends, continuously innovating, and maintaining sustained advancement.

Design & Testing

Designing & Testing

Our team design the best possible woven wire mesh solution which goes through rigouros testing before it reaches our clients. 

Certified Solution

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, PPAP, SPC, APQP, FMEA, MSA have been fully implemented, especially ensuring optimal mesh production.

We actively design and manufacture high-quality woven wire mesh that industries can use for screening and filtration applications.  Our R & D Ability has the capability to upgrade the potential of woven wire mesh weaves based on the challenging environment. We are one of the leading woven mesh supplier & manufacturer in industry for more than 40 Years.  YKM supply Woven Wire Mesh Rolls at factory pricing across MENA Region.

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Get High quality Woven Wire Mesh from one Best Woven Mesh Manufacturer and Supplier

Features of YKM Industrial Mesh Woven

Durability and Strength:

Woven Mesh Wire Screens are highly durable and can withstand extreme temperatures, pressure, and chemical exposure, making them ideal for use in harsh environments.


YKM Woven Mesh possess good electrical conductivity.


Woven mesh can handle high temperature without impacting the structural integrity.

Precise Filtration

YKM Woven mesh wire is designed to provide precise filtration, ensuring a high quality feed at the end.

Resistance to Corrosion

Depending on the material used (such as stainless steel or galvanized steel), woven wire mesh can be highly resistant to corrosion, enhancing its longevity.


YKM Industrial mesh are versatile and allow for customization to fit specific applications. We can make them in various sizes, shapes, and hole patterns, making them suitable for a wide range of uses.

Industrial Applications of Woven Wire Mesh

YKM Group is the most trusted supplier of wire mesh in UAE, Dubai, Sharjah and across Middle East for all industries from construction to filtration. Few of the major applications include:


YKM Woven wire mesh is widely preferred for filtration purposes in industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, and water treatment. It efficiently separates solids from liquids or gases, ensuring the purity of the final product.


YKM Group is the leading woven mesh manufacturer in UAE for aerospace applications. Common applications include flame arrestors, ventilation screens, and aircraft interior components, meeting stringent safety and quality standards.

Mining and Quarrying

We manufacture screening and mining sieves to separate and classify minerals and aggregates by size, ensuring efficient processing.

Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts made from woven metal wire mesh are used in industrial processes such as baking, drying, and sorting. They offer excellent heat resistance and are easy to clean.

Food Processing

Food processing industries employ wire mesh for sieving, sorting, and conveyor systems to handle food products safely and hygienically.

Marine and Coastal Applications

Due to its corrosion-resistant properties, woven metal wire mesh is used in marine environments for seawater intake screens, boat engine protection, and coastal infrastructure.

Screening and Sifting

We are the leading choice as suppliers of woven wire mesh in UAE and across MENA region for screening and sifting applications in agriculture, food processing, and mining. YKM Woven wire mesh screens are used to separate and classify particles of different sizes.

Automotive Industry

YKM manufacture Woven wire mesh for airbag screens, exhaust system components, and engine filtration, for automotive industries where precision and durability are essential.

Chemical Industry

Woven wire mesh is used in the chemical industry for reactor screens, catalyst support, and filtration, where chemical resistance and precision are crucial.


YKM Group is the top choice as a woven mesh manufacturer in Pharmaceutical industry where precis sieving and filtration processes in involved, ensuring product purity and compliance with regulatory standards.

Petrochemical Industry

It is used for oil and gas well screens, ensuring efficient production and preventing the entry of unwanted debris.

Security Fencing

YKM Group is the top woven mesh supplier in Dubai, UAE manufacture & supply optimal woven wire mesh and welded mesh suitable for security fencing and perimeter protection for all industrial fencing applications. It provides a secure barrier while allowing visibility and airflow.

YKM Group is the leading woven mesh supplier & manufacturer in UAE, Middle East providing optimal woven metal wire mesh, meeting the specific needs of various industries.