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Nickel Wire Mesh

YKM, Nickel Wire Mesh Suppliers & Manufacturers in UAE manufacture Nickel Wire Mesh, popularly known as cloth mesh is used across a wide variety of industries. Nickel mesh Screen are resistant to oxidation and corrosion. Nickel mesh screen is a very versatile material that can be manipulated well in different situations and different environments. Nickel Mesh Sheet from YKM Group is mostly used as a filtration media and electrode in fuel cell. They are woven wire mesh, woven with high-quality nickel wire. Nickel expanded metal mesh are widely used as electrodes and as a current collector for various kinds of batteries.

What is Nickel Wire Mesh?

Pure Nickel mesh are wire mesh products made of high purity nickel material (nickel wire, nickel plate, nickel foil...) with a nickel content of 99.5% or more.

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What are the Classification of Nickel Mesh ?

According to the production process, the nickel woven wire mesh screen is divided into the following types:

A. Nickel Woven Wire Mesh: They are the Woven Metal mesh woven by nickel wire (warp and weft);

B. Nickel Knitted Wire Mesh: Knit Mesh are woven by Nickel Wire (hook knitting)

C. Nickel Stretching Wire Mesh: They are Rhombus Shaped Wire Mesh made by stamping and stretching from nickel plate, nickel foil

D. Nickel Punching Wire Mesh: These meshes are made by stamping nickel plate, nickel foil;

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What are the Features of Nickel Wire Mesh?

  • Resistant to Corrosion / Rust Proof
  • High stability in nature and also resistant to alkalis
  • High Resistance and Stability in acids, alkaline, and neutral salt solutions.
  • Shows good resistance to Dry Gases at room temperature and even at a higher temperature up to 1022 f.
Nickel Wire Mesh Suppliers & Manufacturers in UAE

Nickel Wire Woven Mesh

Nickel Woven Wire Mesh is made of nickel wire through warp and weft and the mesh holes are generally square holes.

The Main Specifications of Nickel Woven Wire Meshes are 20 mesh, 30 mesh, 40 mesh, 60 mesh, 150 mesh, 300 mesh, etc. The wire diameter of nickel woven wire mesh ranges from 0.03 to 0.4 mm. After surface coating treatment, it can be applied to the alkali, hydrogen production, and new energy battery industries.

Nickel Woven Wire Mesh have high conductivity, corrosion resistant property and they tend to possess extraordinary performance in its field of application.

These meshes are widely used in energy power generation, petroleum, chemical, aerospace, and other industries.

Nickel Wire Knitted Mesh

Nickel Wire Knitted Mesh is also called as nickel wire elastic mesh.

This Woven Wire mesh are woven by knitting crochet technology. It can be divided into:

Expanded Nickel Wire Mesh
Nickel Wire Mesh for all Industries

Nickel Wire Knitted Mesh Sub Divisions Based on Weave

  • Single-wire single-layer knitting mesh
  • Single-wire double-layers barrel knitting mesh
  •  Single-wire double-layers knitting mesh
  • Double-wires single-layer knitting mesh
  • Double-wires double-layers barrel knitting mesh
  • Double-wires double-layers cross knitting mesh

Based on different needle shapes and knitting methods. These products can be supplied in sheet or in roll format, the regular width is 20mm~1600mm, the normal woven wire diameter is 0.1~0.3mm, and the normal needle number ranges from 3~5 needles.

Nickel Plate or Nickel Foil Stretched Wire Mesh

It is formed by mechanical punching of nickel plate or nickel foil, and the mesh has rhombus hole.

Mesh thickness: 0.04mm-5mm.

The mesh opening is with a minimum of 0.3×0.6mm and with a maximum of 30×60 mm. The micro-wire mesh product is 1x2mm and is mainly used in battery electrodes.

Nickel plate or Nickel Foil Punching Mesh

It is made of nickel plate or nickel foil by mechanical stamping.

The Mesh Thickness is: 0.04-9mm.

The mesh Width is : 4mm-1200mm.

The mesh holes are round hole, long round hole, semicircle hole, square hole, square hole, rectangular hole, monoglyphic hole, triangle hole, hexagonal hole, rhombic hole, trapezoidal hole, etc.

Due to its outstanding corrosion resistance or rust proof property, nickel is widely used to maintain the purity of products such as food, synthetic fibers, and caustic.

Why YKM is Preferred for Nickel Wire Mesh?

YKM, Best Nickel wire mesh supplier in UAE & Best Nickel Mesh Manufacturer has been designing and developing nickel wire mesh since 2009 and has more than 10 years of experience in Production and Research & Development. In the product development process, the whole NC intelligent transformation of the loom is carried out to improve the quality of the nickel wire mesh products and our expert engineers always male sure that the mesh manufactured is even, flat, and the weaving is tight. All our product quality is much higher than the ASTM E2016 and ISO 9044 standards. YKM has a professional R&D team of engineers with rich technical development experience in the caustic soda industry, the new energy industry, and the energy storage battery industry.

YKM is enabled with high end equipments for processing and finishing of nickel mesh products, such as ultrasonic cleaning, annealing, sintering, rolling, and cutting. YKM Research and Development team can provide customers with customized solutions for product design and production, provide product research and development, production, packaging, logistics distribution, after-sales service, and other series of solutions

Nickel Wire Mesh Chart

Nickel Mesh Size ChartOur Capacity
TypeSpecificationsWeaving TypeMaterial
Typical Woven 35/0.18mmPlain WeaveN6, N02200
39/0.15mmPlain WeaveN6, N02200
39/0.16mmPlain WeaveN6, N02200
40/0.15mmPlain WeaveN6, N02200
40/0.16mmPlain WeaveN6, N02200
40/0.18mmPlain WeaveN6, N02200
60/0.15mmPlain WeaveN6, N02200
Typical Elastic50-400 needles/0.153x1180knittingN6, N02200
50-400 needles/0.153x1220knittingN6, N02200
≤1600mm/0.16mmknittingN6, N02200
TypeWidthLooms typeQuantityVolume per month(㎡)Volume per year(㎡)Note
Woven ≤1300mm13003648, 000580, 000Batch production
≤1600mm1600610,000120, 000Batch production
AP Plant4258, 000700, 000
≤1300mm1300178240, 0002, 880, 000Batch production
≤1600mm160046, 60080, 000Batch production
DZ Plant182246, 9002, 960, 000
YKM Total224-3, 660, 000-
Elastic1180mmBarrel515000180000Batch production
1220mmBarrel515000180000Batch production
≤1600mmTransverse613800165600Under modification and test

YKM group deals with all dimensions of Stainless Steel Wire Cloth Mesh screen that are the best suitable for all your woven wire net needs. In a wide range of industries, wire mesh is used since it’s amongst the foremost common materials for plain-woven wire mesh materials besides mild steel and galvanized steel with completely different properties. As a manufacturer, YKM group provides a wide variety of wire cloth like aluminium screen wire mesh, brass, fine metal panels, copper wire net, nickel wire mesh, low carbon and woven mesh with standard sizes and different dimensions like aperture size, weave type & more.

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