Manufacturing Equipments

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Manufacturing Equipments

Our Manufacturing Equipments are all imported and International quality certified. We have over 300 sets of looms including RGK Machines from Japan, Jager Machines from Germany.

Jager Machines have following types: DFS, DS, DMA, DM etc. which has the capability to weave from 1 mesh to 50 mesh with 0.157″ – 0.0084″ Wire Diameter and 79″ max width, which are suitable for plain weaving. and crimp weaving. Jager Looms are adopted to mid heavy ss square mesh or dutch weave wire mesh because of its strong wefting force and tight weave pattern, these pattern is specially recommended to edible oil manufacturing Food and Beverage Industry, Screen for Printing Industry and Petroleum Filtration Industry.

RGK Looms are one of the potential Manufacturing Equipments manufacture quality woven wire mesh from 8 mesh to 60 mesh with 0.018″ – 0.0075″ Wire Diameter and 50″ maximum width. The weaves have uniform opening, excellent strength, high efficiency performance.