How chain link fence is made

How Chain Link Fence is Made

Welcome to the world of YKM International LLC., where craftsmanship meets innovation in the creation of chain link fences. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the fascinating process of how chain link fence is made, exploring the materials, techniques, and expertise that contribute to the quality products offered by YKM International LLC.

Understanding the Basics

What is Chain Link Fence?

A chain link fence is an interwoven wires forming a diamond pattern. The primary chain link fence material includes stainless steel, galvanized chain link fence & PVC coated chain link fence, providing strength and durability to withstand various weather conditions.

How chain link fence is made?

How Chain Link Fence is Made
How chain link fence is made

Crafting the Core Wire

To better understand how chain link fence is made, understanding the core wire is vital. The first step in manufacturing a chain link fence involves selecting high-quality mild steel wire. These materials have exceptional corrosion resistance but also contribute to the fence’s overall strength and longevity. YKM International LLC. prides itself on sourcing the finest wire mesh materials for our fences.

Coating the Core Wire: Galvanizing & PVC Coating

Hot Dipped Galvanizing Process on Chain Link Fence Wire:

The core wire i.e., the mild steel wire is hot dipped in molten zinc which adds a layer of zinc coating improving its corrosion resistance property and strength forming the hot dipped galvanized chain link fence, this iis how a chain link fence is hot dip galvanized.

PVC Coating Process:

The process of PVC coating on galvanized wire involves cleaning the wire to remove any contaminants or residues that might hinder the adhesion of the PVC coating. This cleaning process is crucial to ensure a strong bond between the galvanized wire and the PVC material. Once cleaned, the wire is preheated to a specific temperature to facilitate the adherence of the PVC coating.

Following preheating, the wire is passed through a chamber where the PVC coating is applied through a process called extrusion. In this method, molten PVC material is forced through a die, coating the preheated galvanized wire evenly. The coated wire then passes through a cooling process to solidify the PVC coating, which complete the cycle and this is how chain link fence is made with a pvc coated finishing. 

This PVC coating not only adds a layer of protection against corrosion but also provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the chain-link fence. PVC Chain Link Fencing is an ideal choice for various outdoor applications due to its resilience and low maintenance requirements.

Weaving the Chain link structure: The Intricate Interlocking Process

How chain link fence is made
How chain link fence is made

YKM International LLC. employs state-of-the-art machinery to weave the chain link fence wires seamlessly.  To understand how chain link fence is made, understanding the weaving process is key. The weaving process of chain link fence is the core at which the mesh structure is formed. YKM Chain link fence manufacturing process includes:

Wire Straightening

Before the weaving process starts, the galvanized steel wires or PVC coated wire undergo a straightening process. This ensures uniformity in the wire length and minimizes the risk of weak points in the fence.

Wire Knuckling and Twisting

The wire knuckling and twisting stage involves interlocking the steel wires in a pattern that creates the distinctive diamond shape of chain link fences. At each intersection, the chain link fence wires are knuckled and twisted together, forming a sturdy and resilient mesh structure.

Mesh Formation

As the weaving process progresses, the mesh structure begins to take shape. The spacing between the wires is carefully controlled in the mesh formation stage to achieve the desired balance of visibility and security. The mesh formation stage is crucial as it determines the fence’s overall strength and sturdiness.

Rolling and Tensioning​

The chain link fence is then rolled into large spools for convenience in transportation and installation. YKM’s tensioning devices ensure that the mesh remains taut and uniform, preventing sagging or warping when the fence is installed.


How chain link fence is made
How chain link fence is made

In conclusion, understanding how chain link fence is made sheds light on the craftsmanship and dedication behind YKM International LLC.’s products. YKM Group is one of the leading chain link fence manufacturers in UAE providing all kinds of chain link fences across the Middle East at factory pricing.

Our manufacturing equipments include high-tech Japanese machines to produce high quality chain link fence. We have the capability to produce chain link fence up to 6m in height.